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Performance Vistas does planning, research, evaluation, training and technical assistance. We are here to help state and local agencies provide effective and accountable services, and produce evidence of their results. Our seasoned consultants work side-by-side, on-site, with you to help you ensure the safety, health and well-being of your community, neighborhoods, families and individuals. Our clients include:

  • State criminal justice planning agencies: administering agencies for criminal justice (Byrne/JAG, VOCA, VAWA, FVPSA) and juvenile justice; state coordinating councils, Statistical Analysis Centers.
  • State and local law enforcement agencies: officer training centers, state bureaus of investigation, drug task forces, sheriffs’ offices and police departments.
  • Prosecutors, court personnel, and their partners:  public defenders, crime victim services and witness assistance programs, CASA and guardians ad litem, delinquency diversion and intervention, substance abuse treatment programs, detention facilities.
  • State and county social services agencies: child protection, foster care, adoption, food stamps, and family support services.
  • State and local public health agencies: violence prevention and health promotion.
  • Private service providers: family violence shelters; crisis counseling centers; programs serving abused or neglected children, domestic violence victims, and those at risk of health and mental health problems.

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We  will help you build your capacity to achieve new performance horizons… through planning, performance analysis, training, evaluation, and organizational learning systems. Our ultimate “reason for being” is community well-being. Kids who grow up safe, healthy and strong, capable of learning in school, in tune with their peers, and contributing to the good of their communities. Parents who can feel good about their skills in a difficult task: raising kids, providing safe and nurturing home lives, earning a respectable living, treating each other with respect. Families who care for each other and are connected through a rich network of friends, family, faith community and agency partners. Neighborhoods and communities that are invested in collaborative strategies for preventing violence, effective enforcement of community safety, justice and safety for victims of crime, and rehabilitation for those who have crossed the justice system.   We count all of these important players among our client agency partners!

Chris Gregoire withhold public records

ON Thursday the Washington Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments on whether Gov. Chris Gregoire has an executive privilege to withhold internal documents from the public. No such privilege exists in state statute, and the court should not invent one.

The roots of this case, Freedom Foundation v. Gregoire,go back to the early 1970s. The president then, Richard Nixon, had taped his conversations in the Oval Office. During the fight to remove him from office, he was served a subpoena for some of the tapes, and he claimed an unqualified executive privilege. cheap jerseys Supreme Court ruled in United States v. Nixonthat the Constitution description of his powers implied a privilege that did not protect the tapes.

Gregoire now cites Nixon cheap nfl jerseys to claim that the governor of Washington has a qualified privilege implied in the state constitution. But a governor is a lesser official; she is not dealing in military, diplomatic or national security secrets. The here were memos from her advisers concerning a medical marijuana bill in the Legislature, a federal ruling about fish in the Columbia River and a tunnel to replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct.

And in Gregoire case there is a law covering her papers. It is the Public Records Act, passed by the voters in 1972 as Initiative 276. It declares that the people of Washington not give their public servants the right to decide what is good for the people to know and what is not good for them to know, and that all state and local government records are public except those exempted by statute. Open triumphGolfers give bad reviews of Chambers Bay course, USGA says it’s just fineCool Seattle places off the tourist pathNine time major winner Gary Player calls Chambers Bay a ‘tragedy’Commuters: Seattle area traffic stinks, but we’d rather drive alone

There are exemptions. One exempts drafts, notes, recommendations and intra agency memorandums in which opinions are expressed or polices formulated or recommended. That would cover all the documents in this case as long as they were preliminary. But they are no longer preliminary. As the Freedom Foundation argues in its brief, tunnel debate is cheap nhl jerseys over. Carol Murphy of Thurston County Superior Court ruled that Gregoire does have the sort of qualified privilege Nixon had. Murphy declared that if the governor says a document is covered by the privilege, whoever wants that document must show particularized need for it. And Freedom Foundation didn say it needed the documents. It wanted them, to prove that anyone could have them.

If Murphy decision stands, anyone who wants a document from the governor office will likely have to file a lawsuit and prevail over the wholesale jerseys state. Further, if the governor has qualified executive privilege, the state auditor and the insurance commissioner, and the superintendent of public instruction will want it too.

The Times supports the Act. Allied Daily Newspapers of Washington, a trade association (The Seattle Times is a member), has filed a brief on the side of the Freedom Foundation.Articles Connexes:

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