4th Floor and CC almost ruined the last day of our trip We had an amazing trip in Iceland. We were there for 9 days and loved every minute of it. . . until we returned to Reykjavik on our last day and returned our car to CC Car Rental at the 4th Floor and tried to book a room with them. We booked our car through CC because it was a local company and they gave us a very good price (they are run by the 4th Floor hotel). When my boyfriend returned to our hotel after picking up the car,wholesale jerseys, he told me that he was surprised that the when he asked what time to return the car, he was told "any time" on the day it was due back. He questioned the woman again and was told that it was fine. For the rest of our trip,cheap jerseys, this would come up every once in awhile as an example of how ‘laid back’ icelanders are. When we returned the car the following saturday afternoon, however, laid back was not at all what we found. There was a different woman at the desk (at this point, she was about the 4th person we had dealt with at this
3 Injured In Santee Car Accident It’s been coming for some time. Sad that the driver will have to live with death of his brother (passenger) idiot. Shame on the city for ignoring this problem average speed through this residential neighborhood is 45 50 (trying backing out of your driveway into heavy traffic speeding away). Hope someone with the city wakes up, starts enforcing the existing 40 mph speed limit (amazingly high for a kid filled neighborhood when Mission Gorge business district is only 35mph!!!!). In less than 60 days we’ve had 3 serious speeding wrecks. Two into meridian trees, one through a neighbor’s front yard ending 50 feet in another neighbors parked cars in the driveway. Insane. I was driving east on Mast Blvd with my neice; approaching the accident as the life flight helicopter were landing. It scares me to think that if we had left just a few minutes sooner, we could have face the on coming racers. Today I passed the sight and saw a field of memorial flowers and a sign that expressed "Forever