TN Department of Health Rape Prevention Education Outcomes

Tennessee Department of Health, Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention ProgramDesigning Model Programs for Rape Prevention and Education, Developing Measures for Outcome Evaluation, and Collecting Evaluation Data

Performance Vistas is helping DOH equip itself with data and a data collection system for analyzing the impacts of sexual violence prevention and community education projects on the incidence rates of key sexual offenses in Tennessee. Our goals are to:

  • enable ten Rape Prevention and Education grantee agencies and the public health educators in at least nine health care regions of Tennessee develop their own Logic Models, including specific, uniform measures of outcome; and to
  • gather and report outcome data for themselves and for Tennessee Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Program.

Instead of engaging Performance Vistas to conduct a statewide process evaluation of grants funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Tennessee Department of Health asked PVI to help the grantees themselves develop Logic Models and outcome measurement approaches. Our approach ensures that:

  • The evaluation frameworks (logic models) will help agencies provide services that are aligned with the state’s program goals and national “standards” for Rape Prevention and Education effectiveness;
  • Solid project designs will instill discipline in agency thinking about how their programs are supposed to work, which helps them manage for results, lead effective service teams, continuously improve their services, and position their programs strategically for the competitive resources marketplace;
  • Grantees collecting their own evaluative data will see the value of the data for internal improvements, which will lead them to support the state’s use of outcome data for grant allocations in future grant cycles.

During the project year, which is expected to run from November 2003 through August 2004, Performance Vistas will:

  • Coordinate with VSAP staff to establish an approach built on our successful experience with outcome measurement that mobilizes the support of the Rape Prevention and Education grantees and the state Coalition against Domestic and Sexual Violence;
  • Research models of service delivery and community education that have demonstrated effectiveness in other states and in the sexual violence prevention literature;
  • Conduct technical assistance sessions with Regional Sexual Assault Center grantees to refine existing logic model program designs and performance indicators;
  • Conduct technical assistance sessions with representative public health educators to develop performance measures;
  • Design and develop instruments and data collection methods for both types of grantees to use for gathering outcome data;
  • Design and develop an efficient system for grantees to report data, and for the state to aggregate and analyze the data on grantee outcomes, for use in federal reporting and in future state strategic planning and grant allocation decisions. This system must integrate with other such systems the grantees are using for reporting outcomes to other funding sources, such as Tennessee’s Office of Criminal Justice Programs (OCJP);
  • Assist DOH staff to produce summary reports of the actual data at appropriate times in the project year, with conclusions about outcomes;
  • Provide support and technical assistance throughout the project, and prepare plans for administering the system after the contractor has completed its work.
Contact: Mr. Richard Boyd, Project Director
Tennessee Department of Health
Health Promotion Division
Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Program
425 5th Avenue North, 6th Floor
Cordell Hull Building
Nashville, Tennessee 37247

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Peyton, also known as “Miss P,” outperformed a cadre of higher ranked Westminister stalwarts to take the nation’s most prestigious dog show.

Dogs Strut Their Stuff at Westminster 2015: Photos

A tri color beagle weighing about 30 pounds, Peyton glided across the vast expanse of Madison Square Garden as she outperformed six other finalists selected from the more than 2,700 participants in the annual canine competition.

“She just never let me down,” said her handler Will Alexander. “She just didn’t make any mistakes.”

To get to Tuesday’s “Best in Show” round, Peyton first had to eclipse Nathan the Bloodhound, the top ranked hound in a competitive group that also featured highly touted Afghan Hounds and Whippets, among others.

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The burly Swagger won the loudest cheers from the crowd and the elegant Matisse, who is related to one of President Obama’s dogs, had the polite reception of a veteran and highly decorated campaigner.

“Certainly some other dogs had more credentials,” said David Frei, the official spokesman for Westminster.

What Your Dog (or Horse) Is cheap jerseys outlet Trying to Tell You: Photos

Still, Frei said the beagle victory did not qualify as an upset. Miss P finished 2014 as the ninth ranked dog in the country and has already amassed a slew of best in show wins.

Win or lose, Miss P had been planning to retire after Westminster and Alexander said that was still in the cards. She will ultimately reside with her owners, Lori and Kaitlyn Crandlemire, a mother and daughter, in Enderby, British Columbia.

Miss P is a grand niece of Uno, which made history in 2008 as the first beagle to win Westminster.

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