Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (GA CJCC) Strategic Planning, Training Needs Analysis, Curriculum Planning and Curriculum Development, for the Georgia State Victims Assistance AcademyPerformance Vistas helped CJCC and its justice system partners[1]plan, design and develop a statewide academy for training victim assistance professionals. Through a federal Office of Victim Compensation (OVC) planning grant this consortium adjusted the national curriculum developed for the national academy in Charleston, SC – which was used in twelve states – to meet the “core” training needs of Georgia practitioners and to clarify the criminal justice system requirements specific to the state of Georgia. Our goals were to:

  • Develop a sustainable academy setting for an effective victim services education;
  • Provide a comprehensive, core-level curriculum using best practices for skills development;
  • Provide dynamic instructional opportunities for victim advocates through a diverse faculty of academics and practitioners; and
  • Foster cooperation with other victim assistance training initiatives, promote inter-disciplinary communication and ensure inter-disciplinary collaboration in Georgia.

During the project year, which ran from November 1, 2003 through August 2004, Performance Vistas:

  • Facilitated steering committee decision making as the consortium developed the strategic direction and design assumptions for the curriculum and the operation of the academy;
  • Conducted a training needs assessment and training resources inventory to obtain and analyze the wealth of training models and resources available both in Georgia and in other states;
  • Developed curriculum outlines and instructional designs that reflected the direction of the steering committee;
  • Facilitated development of project performance measures, collected data on accomplishment of project objectives, and reported on project results semi-annually;
  • Developed Georgia-specific curriculum supplements for participants’ consumption and for instructors’ interactive exercises; and
  • Developed the final strategic design report to conclude the first year’s planning objectives, and helped GA CJCC develop its Year Two grant application for implementation.
Contact: Mr. Joe Hood, Project Director
Ms. Lasonja Fillingame, SVAA Coordinator
Office of the Governor
Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council
503 Oak Place, Suite 540
Atlanta, Georgia 30349
O: (404) 559-4949

[1] The Georgia Victim Assistance Academy Steering Committee is made up of practitioners and policy makers involved in services to victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse, law enforcement, and prosecution, as well as faculty from Armstrong Atlantic State University – GVAASC’s academic partner and host operator of the state victim assistance academy. The academy will begin operation in the summer of 2004.

Orioles Travis Snider saysWith Nick Markakis gone, Orioles’ Travis Snider says, ‘I’m here now’O's Travis Snider: ‘I’m excited to watch this team’ “It’s not about dreaming, it’s about making it happen,” new Orioles outfielder Travis Snider said. “I’m excited to be a part of it [the Orioles].”

“It’s not about dreaming, it’s about making it happen,” new Orioles outfielder Travis Snider said. “I’m excited to be a part of it [the Orioles].”

“I not here to replace Nick Markakis, but to be another man on this roster,” Orioles Travis Snider says.

Orioles manager Buck Showalter can break down a position to its most esoteric aspects and then put it back together in terms anyone can understand, which is what he did Monday when the talk turned cheap jerseys to filling the club’s unexpected opening in right field.

Obviously, he has been thinking about that since Nick Markakis became a free agent and signed with the , but it will be a lot easier if newly acquired outfielder Travis Snider grabs the everyday job this spring and doesn’t let go.

New addition to Orioles, Chris Parmelee looks to capitalize on second chance Eduardo A. Encina

Being in a different organization for the first time in his professional career, Orioles outfielder first baseman Chris Parmelee compares this spring training to being the new kid in school.

Being in a different organization for the first time in his professional career, Orioles outfielder first baseman Chris Parmelee compares this spring training to being the new kid in school. ( Eduardo A. Encina )

“Oh sure,” Showalter said, “but we’re equipped to have that be a two or three headed player. It also allows us to keep everybody in the flow and create a role for everybody to make contributions with their skill set, but [it'll be fine] if somebody steps out there and takes off with it.”

Snider wants to be that guy, even if he knows better than to come right out and say so before taking part in his first full squad workout with the team.

He was supposed to eventually be that guy when the Toronto Blue Jays made him the 14th overall pick in the 2006 draft, but has yet to establish himself as a full time player. The Orioles hope his time has come, and they traded a couple of decent minor league pitching prospects to the Pittsburgh Pirates to find out.

Orioles InsiderOrioles right hander Steve Johnson injures finger, infielder Jayson Nix joins the mixSee all related8 Trying to replace someone like Markakis is a tricky business, of course. He was the longest tenured Orioles player when the 2014 season ended and the respect he had garnered in Baltimore transcended his performance on the field.

We’re not talking Doug DeCinces replacing Brooks Robinson, but Markakis engendered tremendous goodwill in the community with both his charitable endeavors and his blue collar work ethic. Snider recognizes that it may take local fans awhile to look down into right field and not feel the absence of No. 21.

“I have all the respect in the world for Nick and what he was able to do here and guys who get a chance to play for an organization as long as he did,” Snider said. “Having played against him in Toronto for a number of years, again, I respect everything he’s done here, but he’s not here anymore. I’m here now.

“I’m not here to replace Nick Markakis, but to be another man on this roster and to come out here every single day with the goal of getting better, and when Buck puts my name in the lineup, I’ll be ready to go.”

That’s exactly the right approach for a guy who was placed in a complicated position this winter. The Orioles cheap jerseys from china made him their most significant acquisition during an offseason of free agent disappointment that featured the departure of not only Markakis, but also Most Valuable Oriole Nelson Cruz and top flight reliever Andrew Miller.

Snider entered the picture at a time when a lot of fans and critics were wondering why the Orioles seemed reluctant to spend any real money to upgrade last year’s American League East champion. In that context, he seemed like another inexpensive half measure, but Showalter doesn’t see it that way.

“He knows how much we wanted him and liked him, or we wouldn’t have traded the good players we did for him,” Showalter said. “I like what I’m hearing. Kirb [outfield coach Wayne Kirby] was talking about him defensively already. They’ve been doing a lot of work out there. I think he’s going to fit us well there. That was one of the things cheap jerseys free shipping that was real attractive about him. He was not being taken out for defense. He was being put in for defense, and they had a pretty good outfield there.”

There are other candidates for right field, of course. Steve Pearce needs at bats, and the Orioles have David Lough and Alejandro De Aza to battle for playing time in left field. The reason Snider has a chance to win the everyday job is because he’s a left handed hitter with some power who can hit left handed pitching.

“Potentially, if you look at his numbers, the left on left stuff doesn’t scream platoon at you, so that’s encouraging,” Showalter said. “If you look all the way through his numbers from minor leagues on up, he’s not been a huge split guy when he’s gotten at bats. Obviously, left handed pitchers are better at the major league level.”

Snider turned 27 earlier this month, but Showalter views him as still in development. He had his most at bats and best offensive numbers of his career cheap nba jerseys china last year, but still has not had a breakthrough season. Maybe last year’s playoff run with the Pirates was a turning point.

“When you get around winning teams, you see that culture and you take that pressure off of yourself and you put it on the team, and the team is going to show up to play every single day and play for each other Snider said. “It’s really the quality and the character that you build in the clubhouse and amongst your teammates.Articles Connexes:

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