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You’ve never encountered a consulting firm like Performance Vistas!

Performance Vistas was formed in 1998, but our people have worked together under contract to several states for over thirty years. Since 1981 this team has served state agencies in seven states. That includes the Departments of Human Services in Tennessee, Georgia, Ohio and Minnesota; Florida’s Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services; South Carolina’s Department of Social Services; Tennessee’s Department of Finance and Administration; the Virginia Department of Child Support and Enforcement; as well as the Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, the Georgia Commission on Family Violence, Tennessee’s Office of Criminal Justice Programs, Tennessee’s Department of Health, and Florida’s Administrative Office of the Courts.



Doug Bailey and Dick Grimm designed and completed their first project together in Florida on child welfare and law enforcement training in 1981. They completed their first workload analysis—in child protection—in 1984. They have conducted a number of other analyses and planning projects over the years, but a favorite of both was the leadership training they developed and delivered between 1995 and 1999 (“Leadership Challenges”). They have worked together on nearly every one of the dozens of major projects listed in the section called “History of Excellence.”

Ashley Self is our lead person on data collection systems and database analysis. She worked with us for seven years in Georgia, Florida and Tennessee. She was the lead designer of the sophisticated online grant application tool we created in 2001-2 for TN OCJP. The domestic violence and sexual violence program directors in Tennessee and Georgia also applaud her as the developer of the databases that make their outcome reporting manageable in their states. Ashley also partners with Bailey for TA and training.

Dick Grimm and Ashley Self served as PVI’s field team for the statewide program evaluation of Tennessee’s network of drug courts. This statewide evaluation of drug courts in Tennessee focused on both “process” measures (e.g. program implementation) and program outcomes (e.g. criminal recidivism) in three selected drug court programs. They collected both qualitative and quantitative data.  Budget data were collected from each of the selected drug courts to be used in the development of a cost-benefit calculator for the courts to use.  The three selected drug court programs actively participated in evaluation efforts, and provided data on program completion rates, participant satisfaction, drug test results, change in supervision status, and budgets to support an impact evaluation of the program.

Bailey and Woody Pelt, our video producer and webmaster, collaborated on video training case studies for law enforcement and CPS workers for the first time in 1986. Since then, the two have partnered up for six other video training projects – designing, scripting, shooting and editing – studies in three states for CPS risk assessment training, for welfare-to-work culture change training, for leadership training and for performance management systems.

Grimm and Judge John Parnham are lifelong friends who happen to work in the same field: family-oriented juvenile justice and substance-abuse services. Parnham is a respected (retired) family court judge in Escambia County, Florida. He is a nationally recognized expert in the area of drug courts for juveniles. Grimm has operated and facilitated the services of a number of provider agencies that serve Judge Parnham’s court. Together, they have revolutionized juvenile court services for families out of patience and out of options for their teens. They worked with Bailey and Self in Tennessee.

At PVI, Priority One is establishing a firm foundation of trust with our clients. We are a few dedicated individuals with backgrounds a whole lot like the leaders of our partner agencies. We make one of the best teams you can imagine, bringing energy and love for what we do to the best folks on Earth – your public service employees. We stay small to control which projects we take on, then we work to delight our clients. Most of our work is follow-up to previous projects. We rarely have to bid competitively; once they discover how we work with them, our clients almost always find other work they need us to do.



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Here are words to dust off and put back in your vocabulary to describe a Cowboys game where Dallas is the winning team:The Sunday night game ended 38 17, forcing the rest of the NFC to acknowledge the fact that the Cowboys are not to be written off at any point in the near future. Tony Mens NFL Jersey Paypal Online Yes I Can Throw A Football When I Want To Romo managed to throw three touchdowns and no interceptions. He also completed 22 of his 29 passes. Romo credits the most complete offense he’s ever played around in years. As for the Saints, everything terrible about their performance can be summed up in one Replica Jersey Free Shipping hilariously embarrassing fake punt attempt. Philadelphia Eagles vs. San Francisco 49ers: Upset Don’t Authenitc Adrian Wilson Jersey let the scoreline fool you. This was Darnell Dockett Jersey Shopping Store the undefeated Eagles up against a shaky 49ers team. There’s little question which NFL team was the pick to come out of this one on top. One driving Authenitc Michael Floyd Jersey Authenitc NBA Jersey For Sale force behind the result was no doubt San Francisco need to Cheap Pat Tillman Jersey desperately avoid a third defeat in a row. Jim Harbaugh no doubt emphasized this during halftime. The previously perfect Eagles found themselves the victim of a "big let down" in the second half as the game ended 26 31 in favor of the home team. New Authenitc Jersey Authenitc Larry Fitzgerald Jersey For Cheap Sale England Patriots vs. Kansas City Chiefs: Both That’s right, this game was both an upset AND a blowout! The Patriots were on the losing end of a 41 14 rout that has to signal one of the most surprising upsets in recent history. I suspect it’s the case of a quarterback expected to give a boost to average players.
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