National Association of VOCA Assistance Administrators

VOCA Data Collection and Outcome Measures Project
Project Number: 2003-VF-GX-1002

Performance Vistas served as a consulting partner with NAVAA. The National Association conducted a study for the Justice Department’s Office for Victims of Crime (OVC), to prepare and submit recommendations for revising OVC’s data collection system for state VOCA victim assistance grants, including the development of outcome indicators and measures. Performance Vistas focused on outcome measurements and data collection.

Bailey served as an advisor to the project team, which included NAVAA’s Steve Derene, Sharon Montagnino of Wyoming (project director), and a 12-person advisory committee of state and local VOCA administrators. He consulted on the design of the project. He delivered two presentations on performance measurement and victim outcomes in New Orleans in 2003. In August Bailey (with help from Terry Hewitt of Tennessee’s Office of Criminal Justice Programs, and Ashley Grimm, PVI’s database and reporting systems specialist) presented for three hours to victim services agency personnel on behalf of the National Organization for Victims of Crime (NOVA). In September Bailey, Hewitt and Grimm presented an abbreviated version of the August presentation to state VOCA administrators at the VOCA National Training Conference.

Bailey and Dr. Richard Grimm also supported the design and conduct of a national survey of state VOCA administrators to learn about their experiences with the VOCA reporting system, their own performance data management practices, and their recommendations for OVC’s data collection system. Bailey completed an analysis of 30 states’ approaches to measuring outcomes for NAVAA.

The project was expected to convene the advisory group in Washington, D. C. in the spring of 2004 to form final recommendations, and Bailey will be there to facilitate as needed.

Contact: Mr. Steve Derene, Executive Director
National Association of VOCA Assistance Administrators
5702 Old Sauk Road
Madison, Wisconsin 53705
O: (608) 233-2245
F: (815)

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