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whiskered Owlet Xenoglauxloweryi

This species’s known range is extremely small and it would qualify as Critically Endangered if it were not currently known from five locations. Habitat is declining rapidly at one site and, to a lesser extent, at the other. J.; Christie, D. A.; Elliott, A.; Fishpool, L. D. C. 2014. HBW and BirdLife International Illustrated Checklist of the Birds of the World. Barcelona, Spain and Cambridge UK: Lynx Edicions and BirdLife International. SACC. 2006. A classification of the bird species of South America. Tiny, short tailed owl, without occipital face. Long whiskers at bill base and face sides. Warm brown plumage, vermiculated darker. Prominent yellowish white eyebrows. Bare tarsi and toes. It was discovered in the Garcia area north east of Abra Patricia, San Martn, and was subsequently collected east of Bagua, Amazonas, in the Cordillera de Coln (O’Neill and Graves 1977, Fjelds and Krabbe 1990). In total, five specimens have been collected (O’Neill and Graves 1977, J. Hornbuckle in litt. 1999). In 2002, the territorial call was confirmed and recorded at the type locality in the Abra Patricia area (D. Lane in litt. 2003, 2007). In 2007 it was seen in the wholesale cheap jerseys wild for the first time, at Abra Patricia, when birds were seen three times in daylight hours, and an individual was also captured in a mist net (Anon. 2007). Acquisition of the recording has allowed more thorough searches to take place (D. Lane in litt. 2003, 2007), and one bird was seen at the Lechucita Bigotona Lodge, Abra Patricia, in 2008 in response to playback of the Lane recording (F. Lambert in litt. 2008). In January the 2010, one bird was observed and at least five heard in a primate reserve near the village of La Esperanza some 15 km west of Abra Patricia (S. Alterman, N. Shanee and E. Fonseca in litt. 2010), a site at which it has been recorded several times since. Two further sites have been located since then, both in Amazonas: the Hierba Buena Allpayacu Private Conservation Area near Corosha, and a location near the town of Yambrasbamba (F. Angulo Pratolongo in litt. 2012). It appears to be both difficult to catch and reluctant to respond to playback, but may prove to be more widespread if methods for locating the species can be improved (D. Lane in litt. 2006, Bird et al. 2011). Lane in litt. 2003, 2007, Schulenberg et al. 2007). If local reports of the species in elfin forest at Wichim are confirmed, it also occurs below 1,200 m. 1997, Dillon and Snchez Vega 1999, J. Hornbuckle in litt. 1999). More recent surveys have confirmed that habitat destruction in the region continues unabated (Dillon and Snchez Vega 1999). Abra Patricia is under pressure owing to road improvements and recent immigration and population growth in the area (G. Engblom in litt. 1998, Hornbuckle 1999, J. Hornbuckle in litt. 1999). Mining activities around Yambrasbamba also contribute to habitat destruction, both directly and by opening new roads that facilitate colonisation (F. Angulo Pratolongo in litt. 2012).Conservation Actions UnderwayCITES Appendix II. It is considered endangered by Peruvian law (F. Angulo Pratolongo in litt. 2012). It occurs in the Alto Mayo Protected Forest, San Martn, but it is unclear whether the high elevation forests are protected under this designation (Dillon and Snchez Vega 1999, Hornbuckle 1999, J. Hornbuckle in litt. 1999, F. Angulo Pratolongo in litt. 2012). In any case, the protected status appears to have had little or no effect on the rate of deforestation (Dillon and Snchez Vega cheap jerseys 1999). Recent records come from the Area de Conservacin Privada de Abra Patricia Alto Nieva, a recently protected private conservation area (Anon. 2007), and the Hierba Buena Allpayacu Private Conservation Area near Corosha (F. Angulo Pratolongo in litt. Follow up local reports of the species from Wichim, Cordillera de Coln, using playback surveys. Effectively protect the Alto Mayo Protected Forest, and ensure that high elevation forest is included within its boundaries (Dillon and Snchez Vega 1999, Hornbuckle 1999, J. Hornbuckle in litt. 1999). Establish a protected area in the Cordillera de Coln, and search for the species on its eastern side (Davies et al. 1997, F. Angulo Pratolongo in litt. 2007. Long whiskered Owlet puts on a show. World Birdwatch 29(2): 5.Cardiff, S. W.; Remsen, J. V. 1994. Type specimens of birds in the Museum of Natural Science, Louisiana State University. Occasional Papers of the Museum of Natural Science, Louisiana State University 68: 1 32.Collar, N. J.; Gonzaga, L. P.; Krabbe, N.; Madroo Nieto, A.; Naranjo, L. G.; Parker, T. A.; Wege, D. cheap jerseys C. 1992. Threatened birds of the Americas: the ICBP/IUCN Red Data Book.Davies, C. W. N.; Barnes, R.; Butchart, S. H. M.; Fernandez, M.; Seddon, N. 1997. The conservation status of birds on the Cordillera de Coln, Peru. Bird Conservation International 7: 181 195.Fjelds, J.; Krabbe, N. 1990. Birds of the high Andes. Apollo Books, Copenhagen.Hornbuckle, J. 1999. The birds of Abra Patricia and the upper cheap jerseys ro Mayo, San Martn, north Peru. Cotinga 12: 11 28.O’Neill, J. P.; Graves, G. R. 1977. A new genus and species of owl (Aves: Strigidae) from Peru. The Auk 94: 409 416.Schulenberg, T. S.; Stotz, D. F. ; Lane, D. F.; O’Neill, J. P.; Parker III, T. A. 2007. Birds of Peru. Prnceton University Press, Prnceton, NJ, USA.Schulenberg, T. S.; Stotz, D. F. ; Lane, D. F.; O’Neill, J. P.; Parker III, T. A. 2007. Birds of Peru. Prnceton University Press, Prnceton, NJ, USA.Articles Connexes:

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Articles Connexes:

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