Client Testimonials

How effective were the training and technical assistance sessions with Performance Vistas?

“The training we have received from Performance Vistas has been excellent. I do a lot of training myself. And I can tell the amount of work that goes into it beforehand; I can tell that they are prepared when they hit the door. I can tell that over time they have learned to know the needs in Tennessee.” —Anna Whalley, Victims Assistance Center, Shelby County

“The training, the technical sessions with Performance Vistas were wonderful. I liked the way they used a variety of learning techniques and incorporated us into each and every step of the way. They made adjustments depending on the audience and that was really helpful. They were supportive seemed to have enough background in the kind of work we were doing….and that seemed to make the entire session a lot better.” —Jane Jarvis, West Tennessee Legal Services

“When I came into the training program I had no idea what they were talking about because I put (down) the intended outcomes, but I really did not know what outcomes were. I just put down what I thought was best and we intended to have. And now I understand I have to go back and reword my outcomes and try to improve the accomplishments of my programs.” —Lt. Patty Smith, Dyersburg Police Department

“They were very helpful. They started from a level where anyone could walk in and be taught from 101 all the way up to advanced, and I think that they don’t assume that people know all of this jargon and know all of the technical part of it when they walk in the door. They really take it and teach it to you like you have never heard it before. I think that was very helpful. What they did is just start at the basics and just keep adding to that, so their method of teaching was real good.” —Delaine Bottoms, Carl Perkins Center, Jackson, TN

“First of all I think that everyone is very personable and very relaxed about what they are doing. I have noted the (PVI) people have taken time to learn what we consider to be priorities, and what we considered to be important. And, they have been flexible about their agenda, listened to us change things up. It has been an evolutionary process, and I think that for me that is a high evaluation for an organization. Another thing I would add is their materials are good: They are clear, and they, too, have evolved. (PVI) adapted their materials to meet our needs, and that too has been very helpful. I think the third thing I really like about them: They saw early on what an opportunity for collaboration they had created in the process of this training, and they made time for us in our meetings to get together with other organizations while we were gathered for the training and to do that type of collaborative thinking.” —Bill Haley, Legal Services of South-Central TN

“I think that Performance Vistas has given us lots of good technical information. They didn’t cram it down our throats, they took us along in a manner that we learned as we did the process – and I think it has been very, very valuable. We had facilitators that were open to our opinions. They have been leaders instead of pushers, which has been nice for a change…not to have a facilitator that was pounding you on the head with something, but giving you good inputs and leading along the way. Performance Vistas has done a very good job with us.” —Janell Clark, Genesis House

“I think the technical assistance was excellent. I think that they have really worked to make things really clear for us. Initially I felt like I was sort of in a vacuum, that I needed something to look at before I came to the meetings. I was just ‘out there,’ and they were telling me that this was the kind of people we had to work with in the next year. ‘We’ve got to send a survey out to all these people, and find out how they are feeling.’ And some of them don’t (even) know our names! Some of them don’t know the victim witness coordinator from the District Attorney, and so it is going to be a real challenge for victim witnesses to say (to them) ‘How did we improve your life?’ when the outcome of the case (may have been) very negative. I guess from Doug’s perspective or from my perspective I wanted Doug to look at me and say ‘this can work for the agencies like you as well as the agencies that see smaller numbers of people.” —Jody Folk, Victim Witness Coordinator, D.A.’s Office, 20th Judicial District

“At first I had some difficulties, and I think that was in my own personality and own struggle. I was trying to make things a lot harder than what it actually was. So, when I came to the sessions I think I was trying to think ahead and not really grasping the very basic information they were trying to give me. I think I was making the process harder in the beginning. It took me several sessions to understand where we were really going. I am very structured, and I think that their presentation and probably my personality at first didn’t really match. I’m just extremely structured, and they are a little bit looser than that. But they also made it very warm and very friendly, and very open to questions and comments, which was very, very nice, and I felt very free to ask questions.” —June Turner, Nashville Child Advocacy Center

“I think the structure that is being used is a very good structure that explains the differences between outputs and outcomes, and the whole process. I think that structure was good. I think the sessions sometimes wandered a little bit, with questions that could be distracting. (But) we were there with people with varying degrees of knowledge about it as they entered into it. But I think this was a very comfortable setting. Comfortable leaders encouraged questions. They were encouraging to us to stay with it, and I think again that commitment came through. (PVI) always (had) a very positive attitude toward making this happen.” —Susan Bell, Family & Children’s Services

“Performance Vistas, in areas of improvement, and Doug in particular as a facilitator of the group: Doug is so down to earth. He is easy to understand, easy to work for, he knows and stays on track of where you’re going when you have an idea and can help you maneuver through the problem areas and get where you are going. And you go “yeah!” That’s how we got there.” —Mona Mason, Haven of Hope

“It has been very helpful to come to training sessions and train with your peers and have the opportunity to ask questions and work through the process.” —Kathy Walsh, Tennessee Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence

What did PVI do right?

“I think the most valuable thing that PVI brings to this project is the personalities of their staff. I think that they are genuinely involved with the process they seem to engage very well with people across the state with diverse groups with different interests in people with different goals and they manage to meet needs of everyone at this meeting this afternoon.” —Anna Whalley, Victims Assistance Center, Shelby County

“I think they took a whole group of people that didn’t know anything about outcome measurement and walked away with people that are doing it. I think that is a big success when you start with people that don’t even know what it is and leave and they are doing it. Well that is enough said, let the record speak for itself. I can tell you another thing I think that is very helpful, they don’t just tell you a bunch of information in one day and send you home. They have documentation, they have things that are written that you can take with you because to me I walk out of a training and the rest of the world hits me and it may be a week or two weeks later before I go back to this and if I hadn’t had it so that I had something in black and white that I could go back to and look at it again I don’t know if I would have been able to recall it. But because I have all of that information in black and white I was able to stay with it and not let it get pushed to the very back part of my brain. So that was very helpful to have. Their visual aides were excellent. What could they do to improve, I just can’t think of anything right off the top of my head.” —Delaine Bottoms , Carl Perkins Center, Jackson, TN

“I think they got us all on board to begin with and in an affirmative way made sure that we all bought in to continue to process because I think if you have a group that you don’t have consensus it is hard to go forward we are all different personalities in that room. If you look at the agencies that were in that group, we have some very different personalities, some real strong personalities. So, none of us are very bottom-line oriented. Some of us were very process oriented. So they had to balance all of those personalities, and I thought they did a great job with that. Because it is not easy to put that many strong-willed individuals who believe in what they do and believe that the way they’re doing it is right—and to blend all of that and end up with a productive product at the end.” —Teresa Grant, The HOPE Center

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Many don use device

Mark W. Mullan had barely finished promising the judge in Snohomish County District Court that he would not drive without an alcohol sensing ignition cheap nfl jerseys interlock device on his pickup when Assistant Prosecutor Dana Little interrupted.

honor, at this point I feel compelled to tell the court that I smell alcohol, Little said as she stood next to Mullan at a Jan. 14 hearing on charges alleging he was driving drunk and speeding in Lynnwood three months earlier, according to a tape recording of the proceedings.

Little told the judge she couldn be sure whether the odor was coming from Mullan or the hand sanitizer on the court clerk desk. A State Patrol trooper with a handheld breathalyzer solved that mystery. Open triumphGolfers give bad reviews of Chambers Bay course, USGA says it’s just fineCool Seattle places off the tourist pathNine time major winner Gary Player calls Chambers Bay a ‘tragedy’Commuters: Seattle area traffic stinks, but we’d rather drive alone

Mullan had shown up to the DUI hearing drunk. His breath alcohol content was measured at 0.14 percent, nearly double the legal level of 0.08 percent. The judge found that Mullan was a danger to the community and upped his bail from $2,500 to $10,000.

Mullan posted bail and was released Feb. 1, roughly six weeks before he is accused of killing an Indiana couple and critically injuring their daughter in law and infant grandson at an intersection in Seattle Wedgwood neighborhood on Monday afternoon.

Court records indicate Mullan, a 50 year old unemployed electrician, had been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) at least five times since 1990. On Christmas Day, he was arrested at a motel on Aurora Avenue North in Seattle with a breath alcohol content of 0.32 percent four times the legal limit.

Even though the judge in Snohomish County and another judge in Seattle had individually ordered him not to drive without an ignition interlock device on his pickup, Seattle police say Mullan was driving his 2012 black Chevy Silverado without one on Monday.

reality is that we cannot force a person to put an ignition interlock on their car if they state that they are not going to drive, said Moses Garcia, a prosecutor who works for the State Patrol Impaired cheap authentic jerseys Driving Section. is effectively no way to force them. Mullan is being held in lieu of $2.5 million bail in the King County Jail on investigation of two counts of vehicular homicide in connection with the deaths of Judy and Dennis Schulte and two counts of vehicular assault for the injuries sustained by Karina Ulriksen Schulte, 33, and her infant son, Elias.

Mullan breath alcohol content was measured at 0.22 percent at the time of the collision, police said. A blood sample also was taken, and the results are pending a toxicology report from the state crime lab.

King County prosecutors expect to file formal charges Thursday.

Over the past 15 years, changes in state law have steadily increased penalties for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and those changes are credited with helping reduce the number of fatalities caused by impaired drivers. In 1996, 353 people were killed by impaired drivers in the state, according to the Washington Traffic Safety Commission. The number dropped to 230 in 2010, the last year for which numbers are available.

But holes remain in a system that designed to catch and prevent intoxicated people from driving. One glaring problem is there aren enough cops just three in the whole state specifically checking to make sure that drivers who are court ordered to have ignition interlock devices installed on their vehicles actually do cheap nfl jerseys so.

The Mary Johnsen Act named for a 38 year old Eastside mother who was walking with her husband on the Sammamish Plateau when she was killed by a chronic drunken driver in July 1997 was the first state law to require ignition interlock devices, and was among a package of DUI laws adopted by the Legislature in 1998 in the wake of Johnsen death. Another law lowered the legal intoxication level from 0.10 percent to its current 0.08, which is now the national standard.

A law that went into effect in January 2009 required anyone convicted of DUI to have an ignition interlock device installed for at least a year. Someone convicted of a second DUI is required to have the device for at least five years, and those convicted of their third DUI or subsequent offenses must have them installed for at least 10 years.

Before drivers can have the devices removed from their vehicles, they must prove using data recorded by the ignition interlocks that for the previous four months they did not try to start a vehicle with a breath alcohol content of 0.04 percent or higher, fail to take or pass a required retest, or fail to get scheduled maintenance and inspection of the devices.

This January, another state law went into effect requiring cameras to be built into the devices by the five manufacturers in the state who are certified to install and monitor them. The cameras help ensure drivers aren circumventing the devices by, say, having a child or spouse blow into them, said State Patrol Sgt. Ken Denton.

There are currently 43,784 people in a state Department of Licensing database who are required to have an ignition interlock device on their vehicles in order to legally drive, according to spokeswoman Christine Anthony. A little more than half 26,768 people are listed in the database as having the devices, she said.

While some drivers may choose not to get behind the wheel at all after a DUI arrest or conviction, others clearly are driving with suspended licenses, Anthony said.

have no way of knowing if someone required to have an interlock device is driving without one they pulled over by law enforcement, she said. just not enough officers out there to check everyone car for an interlock device. State Patrol received a $100,000 grant in October, with a portion going to fund weekend in which three troopers based in Seattle, Olympia and Spokane visit drivers with interlock devices who have registered start attempts after trying to start their vehicles with high levels of alcohol detected on their breath, Denton said.

Denton Impaired wholesale jerseys Driving Section receives 50 to 100 start attempts each month.

somebody is at .027 and 20 minutes later is at .024, I not really concerned, he said. But if somebody blows a .15 and continues to try to start a vehicle for hours, are the people we go talk to, Denton said.

The devices record the failed attempts to start a vehicle, and must be taken in to be recalibrated within five days. The findings are then submitted to the State Patrol, which in turn can forward findings to a driver probation officer or the court that issued the ignition interlock order for possible sanctions, Denton said.

think our laws have continued to get stronger and our enforcement is getting stronger but it a marathon, it not a sprint to curb impaired driving, he said.

Garcia, the State Patrol prosecutor, said statistics show that for every drunken driver arrested, there are hundreds of impaired drivers who slip by police. Repeat offenders probably drove intoxicated 200 to 300 times over the past year without getting caught, he said.Articles Connexes:

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