PVI’s Mission

Building the capacity of public servants to achieve new performance horizons… through planning, performance analysis, training, evaluation, and organizational learning systems.

Performance Vistas provides specialized and intense services to meet the needs of a few carefully selected client agencies. We owe our success to the attention we pay to quality work, our highly experienced staff, and the partnership approach we bring to our engagements. Our consulting philosophy has earned us the respect and trust of all our clients for twelve years. We match senior consultants with leadership experience in the relevant arenas of a project, and that ensures successful project outcomes and satisfied “customers.”

  • Our clients are state and county human services agencies and private service providers – and their stakeholders: their workforces and clients, the public and policy-makers. Performance Vistas’ clients are trying to improve their systems of service provision and management, and are committed to continuous organizational learning. Our approach allows us to improve efficiency by re-engineering service processes using technology. We work side-by-side with you as you clarify strategic directions, refine your operational models, and build the organizational capacity you need for achieving results.
  • Performance Vistas is a process-oriented consulting firm: We help our clients look for answers to continuous improvement in their own decision systems and work teams:
    • We ask the right questions, listen well, and clarify the facts.
    • We help our partners analyze their strengths and weaknesses.
    • We assess, plan, monitor and evaluate agency performance.
    • We enhance productivity.
    • We help leaders develop their organizations through strategic planning, leadership development and team building.
    • We help managers design and establish their performance measurement systems.
    • We help managers analyze their workforce’s demands and capacities, and we help them make an analytical case for the resources needed to match agency goals.
    • We help design, deliver and evaluate the effectiveness of performance training systems and technical assistance functions.

You inherited your existing programs; you have to implement them. You inherit policy requirements, and you have to comply with those mandates. However, each agency’s leadership practices set the course for its future. You’re either heading toward vitality (the “mountaintop”) or mortality (the “wilderness”). At Performance Vistas we have a saying: “None of us HAS to live in an organizational wilderness, no matter how difficult the situation. Each of us has the capacity to build for our teammates and ourselves a ‘rose garden’ – even in the midst of a ‘desert wilderness.’”

Our clients are building rose gardens. They believe they can improve the quality of their clients’ outcomes by fervently pursuing a number of growth initiatives.  Agency leaders who engage Performance Vistas are making it a priority that the entire organization will share the leader’s vision and values, like continuous improvement, participatory decision-making, and earned accountability. To help you build ownership of such a vision, let us help you generate widespread alignment behind a backbone of high value services. We describe various initiatives of this type in the section called History of Excellence.

Vision Statement: The over-arching view at PVI is to “help families live better lives.” Since we are not a family service agency, we can only accomplish our goal by empowering our client agencies to “help families live better lives.” There’s a fork in your path. Positive client outcomes lie NOT down the “talk a good game” route.  Leading your agency down the ACTION path mean you’ll commit to several principles:  open access to information, a love of learning, shared meaning, an orientation to quality processes and true collaborative partnerships. Above all, you need a total commitment to achieving client outcomes. What do our clients find when they engage Performance Vistas?

PVI’s Values: Have you seen the Blue Ridge Mountains? We grew up in small communities on both sides of those mountains – what a great setting for growth and change, and a good base for learning what matters in life. The day we claim to be “experts” is the day we stop growing. PVI believes in growth and change. Leaders create an environment where mistakes are learning opportunities, where continuous improvement processes are as stimulating as driving a winding mountain road. We believe in teamwork and open, honest, participatory leadership, shared ownership of successes and mistakes. Shared accountability. Maybe most of all, we believe in partnership, communication, and PROCESS. A love of learning… These concepts have driven our work since 1979…

Organizational Learning

Organizational learning is the system-wide pursuit of knowledge and information. We use systems thinking and analytical tools, but we also look beyond activity and output statistics, to stay focused on our clients’ results. We invest in participatory decision-making. Collaboration! That requires us to work through our service delivery partners using actionable data, stakeholder involvement, and facilitated decision processes.

Leadership and Management

PVI believes it takes both leadership and management skills to achieve results today. Leadership is staff-centered, client-focused, and outcome-oriented. Management means balancing accountability with the tools and resources to accomplish results efficiently.

Strategic Direction Setting

Strategic Planning looks years ahead to consider how changing community needs, resource limitations (i.e., unmet needs), and recent research on program effectiveness can help identify strategies that will WORK.  Evidence-based strategic program design is a major element of our work, from public health planning models fashioned by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to those created by the substance abuse, mental health and justice fields. We also believe that knowing how actual programs are performing can influence mission accomplishment. That’s why we believe in monitoring the expectations and satisfaction levels of agency stakeholders (including line staff and clients, as well as the public and power brokers). But we also have completed dozens of process evaluations to describe whether programs are being implemented as designed, and how well. Moreover, we are known for our outcome evaluations and impact analyses, to determine with reliable data whether the intended outcomes and impacts are being achieved.

Rational Quality Improvement Processes

At PVI we are committed to principles of continuous process improvement, service effectiveness and quality:

  • We will help you establish performance measures and measurement systems, using action work groups of state and county staffs for the design work. You will use performance data to identify strengths and weaknesses, analyze processes and develop action plans for improvements. State people will partner up with county people for assessments of the key indicators of success. Together they will set action plans for improved service processes, budget adjustments, staff recruitment and selection, and strategic priorities.
  • We will help you learn to facilitate self-appraisals of your working atmosphere (i.e., vision, morale, teamwork, communication, etc.). You will develop action plans to improve your own climate. We have been analyzing workforce availability and caseworker workloads in nearly all of the state program areas since 1984. Our philosophy is that local service delivery units can only perform at high levels of quality when the resources are available to support that quality work.  Services processes are changing incrementally with each policy or procedure change, and those changes should come with a workload impact analysis. We also believe in using the workload data, tuned to changing patterns of service demand, to develop personnel budgets that are balanced with the outcome measures our agencies are expected to accomplish.
  • We believe in evaluation. Process evaluation is essential to learn whether the program is doing as it was intended, and with what quality of effort. It is also developmental, in the sense that it provides the information needed for learning how to improve. Outcome evaluation is a fundamental part of how we manage today. Without knowing how well our programs’ partners and participants are doing, how can we know whether we are making a difference? We will engage you in disciplined exercises to spell out the logic model designs of your programs, including performance measures of output and outcome. Then you will put into place the measurement systems to know how you’re doing. Once the data collection is reliable and program staffs are comfortable collecting outcome data, then the foundation has been laid for impact evaluations, cost-benefit studies, and the more sophisticated comparisons and classical research designs needed for supporting evidence-based strategies.

For more, click here to see History of Excellence or Planning Tools!

Top 7 Steps to Building Great Customer Experiences

Any businessperson knows that the success of a business is entirely reliant wholesale jerseys upon the regular participation of customers. Therefore, to ensure the success of your own business, it is important to ensure that you build a great customer experience for each cheap wholesale jerseys of your customers , to ensure their return, and that they will spread the word about the quality of service you provide. Building a great customer experience means that you work closely with you clients and build a strong relationship with them. “How?” you ask. By using the following 7 vital steps:

Always be Approachable and Friendly this applies in person, on the phone, and over the Internet, for example, using email. Being friendly, polite, and courteous in all of your interactions with your client will make them feel as though you’re someone who cares, and you’re there for them when they need your help. Naturally, there will be times when the last thing you feel like doing is to be friendly to a customer, but it is important that you develop the ability to overcome that sensation, and keep a clear head so that you’ll be able to best respond to your client’s needs and wishes and ensure that great customer experience.

Clearly define your Policy for Customer Service though this may not be the first thing on your mind when you first start your business, it should be something considered a priority as soon as the “essentials” have been covered. In fact,sooner you get your clear customer service policy in place, the better it will be for ou in the long run. The earlier you start, the more time you’ll save, the more time you’ll have to fine tune it as you find better techniques, and the more customers you will be able to provide with a great customer experience. Once you have a customer service policy, make sure that everyone knows it, and that it is readily available for reference in case it is eeded. This helps you and your team members to deal with customer ssues quickly and effectively, and minimizes the need to pass a customer from one person to the next a practice despised by customers.

Pay Attention to the Little Things there are many little niceties that your business

can practice without taking a great deal of time or money. For example, sending

Personalized birthday or holiday cards to your clients, or a personalized confirmation email for service or registration are all great ways to show your customers you care. They needn’t be lengthy or too detailed, but a note written from scratch (as opposed to from a template) or even by hand can make all the difference for making a customer feel valued and wanted.

Anticipate Needs and Do what it takes to Help this is the ultimate level of

understanding and achievement in building a strong relationship with your customers. This is similar to the last point, but is more specific to the unique needs of your customer. It means that you have to pay attention to what is being said, cheap nfl jerseys china and then take extra steps to provide great all around service with all of the extras in order to fully impress your customers to the point that they’d remark to their friends and colleagues about how helpful you are. This is not only great for business, but it makes you feel fantastic by the end of the day.

Meet in person when possible certainly this isn’t always something possible,

especially if you’re running an e business from New York City, and your client is located in Australia, however , if possible, meeting face to face is a very nice touch for a business. It can be rather daunting, and causes many people to experience a major case of butterflies in the stomach, but when it all comes down to it, your clients will be able to relate to you faster and better if they’ve met you, shaken your hand, and can put a face to your name, instead of just a voice on the phone , or a font over email. Clients aren’t expecting you to be perfect. However, they do want to see someone who is calm, confident, and who is willing to take the time to ask about, and provide them with what they need.

Communicate often and quickly little is more frustrating to a customer than

contacting a company and waiting days for a reply. No matter if a message was sent over email or by phone, make sure to respond as quickly as you can, not waiting any longer than one business day. Furthermore, try to anticipate communications from clients, by keeping them up to date on a regular basis, regarding a contract you may be working on , upcoming sales or promotions you’re offering, or new products you’ve taken on.

also the simplest. When you cheap nba jerseys promise to do something , do it. By breaking a promise, you are certain to disappoint your client, which makes achieving a great customer experience much more challenging. Certainly, there will be times when a promise will have to be broken through no fault of your own. In this case, tell the client the as soon as you know that you will not be able to keep your promise for example, that you cannot meet a deadline because a delivery to you was late apologize immediately, and tell the client what you are doing about the issue, by offering them options, or providing them with a new date.Articles Connexes:

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