Performance Vistas’ Principals

Performance Vistas calls on the following principals for a typical engagement:

J. Douglas Bailey, MSW. Co-Founder and President. Mr. Bailey usually serves as project director and administrative point person, but he also leads project teams. He trains, provides on-site technical assistance, facilitates planning sessions, and manages technical functions such as data collection and analysis.

Richard E. Grimm, PhD. Co-Founder, Board member and Senior Associate. Dr. Grimm often serves as lead investigator and project co-director. He also provides on-site TA and project leadership, facilitates planning and leads training and data collection teams.

Ashley Self, BA. Senior Associate. Ms. Self is our database manager and lead developer of data capture and reporting tools, formats and protocols. She is responsible for analyzing data and producing data reports. She is also our lead facilitator for developing the skills of our clients’ staffs in managing their data systems.

Gregory Chatham, BS in Electrical Engineering. Associate. Mr. Chatham leads the design and development of automated, online project performance reporting systems and grant application systems. He also provides technical assistance and co-trains as part of the team, and is the lead on mediation processes and personnel practices.

James C. Shine, MPA, JD, Senior Associate. Mr. Shine provides policy analysis, planning, technical criminal justice support and training as part of our team.

The Board of Directors at Performance Vistas, Inc. is a who’s who of experienced public

servants with consulting backgrounds that enable them to advise on projects as needed:

  • Bill V. Galliher, MSW, staff development & training and operations administration;
  • Maureen Drouin, mental health planning and evaluation;
  • Barbara A. Bailey, educational systems, strategic planning and child development.

Other consultants are engaged as required by a given project. Among the people whom we trust and who have served on teams with us in the past are:

  • Woodrow Pelt, BS, multi-media productions and web hosting;
  • Scott Stewart, PhD, computer-assisted instruction and performance-based learning;
  • Steven Kossman, MA, juvenile & adult corrections; community supervision services;
  • Ed Reid, BA, training and meeting facilitation.

Our People

Dying former official a focus of Maryland assisted suicide bill

Dick Israel Algerina Perna / Baltimore Sun

At Ginger Cove Health Center, McShane Glover, left, reads a draft of the death with dignity bill to Richard “Dick” Israel, who has Parkinson’s disease.

At Ginger Cove Health Center, McShane Glover, left, reads a draft of the death with dignity bill to Richard “Dick” Israel, who has Parkinson’s disease. (Algerina Perna / Baltimore Sun)

By Erin Cox The Baltimore Sun contact the reporter

Laws and Legislation Elections Trials and Arbitration Euthanasia Michael E. Busch Maryland General Assembly A friend asks state lawmakers to allow Death with Dignity Dick Israel, who advised the General Assembly for years, asks them to pass assisted suicide law.

It’s been more than 15 years since Dick Israel’s body started to revolt.

Back then, in the early days of his Parkinson’s disease, Israel still wrote legal opinions in flowery script from an old fashioned fountain pen, churning out advice for the General Assembly. He charmed political giants with a wry wit, delivered in a baritone that seemed several octaves too deep for his short stature.

Now he never leaves his hospice room.

His booming voice has become a rumble, his clever words tumbling out slowly in a nearly undecipherable growl. A hospital gown has replaced his trademark straw hat and bow tie.

Richard E. Israel, 72, spent more than two decades behind the scenes in Annapolis guiding lawmakers. Now he plans to spend his final months alive lobbying them from afar, advocating for the right to die when he chooses, a final act of control over a disease that robbed him of it.

Caption Dick Israel Algerina Perna / Baltimore Sun

Former Annapolis Ward One Alderman Dick Israel, who has Parkinson’s disease, looks through old pictures while in Ginger Cove Health Center.

Former Annapolis Ward One Alderman Dick Israel, who has Parkinson’s disease, looks through old pictures while in Ginger Cove Health Center. (Algerina Perna / Baltimore Sun)

“It’s about having a choice for others, not just for me,” Israel said, each word taking a full second to articulate. “Death is inevitable. The question is when and how.”

Israel volunteered for the legislative fight, but only reluctantly agreed to lend his name to a bill that would legalize “death with dignity” in Maryland. His friends convinced him that the measure would be more likely to pass in his memory than on the strengths of its arguments alone. It was a tough sell for the legal scholar who also served two terms as an Annapolis alderman and values the true meaning of the law above politics.

In all likelihood, even if the bill passes, Israel’s medical struggle will end before anyone cheap jerseys benefits from a law that bears his name.

A wave of such bills has garnered support across the country, sparked by the high profile advocacy of 29 year old Brittany Maynard, who had a terminal brain tumor and moved to Oregon to legally end her own life.

Nation/WorldNPR host Diane Rehm emerges as a key force in the right to die debateSee all related8 Legislatures from New York to Oklahoma, Wyoming to California are also considering bills this year more than 15 in total. Lawmakers in another five states plan to introduce bills, too, a rapid reversal from the nationwide tide of physician assisted suicide bans that followed the infamy of Dr. in 1999.

That same year, Israel was dispensing legal advice on the budget when the Maryland legislature voted to make physician assisted suicide a felony. It was also the year he first noticed symptoms of Parkinson’s.

National advocates say Israel’s choice to lead the movement here made Maryland one of four East cheap jerseys free shipping Coast states where they’ll target resources. Activists used to focus on one state at a time, and so far have passed laws in three states in the past two decades. But the tremendous shift in the political landscape has them rethinking strategy this year.

“Maryland came in because of Dick Israel,” said Peg Sandeen, executive director of the Death with Dignity National Center. The state was cheap nfl jerseys under consideration as a target anyway, but “when you add someone who is willing to give a face to the campaign, who people know and understand, that makes a big difference.”

The proposed law would allow a doctor to prescribe a life ending drug for certain terminally ill patients, under a wide ranging list of conditions and after a waiting period.

The bill also is named after former Annapolis Mayor Roger “Pip” Moyer, a political mentor to both House Speaker Michael E. Busch and Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller. Moyer, renown for his ability to quell racial tensions in the late 1960s, died Jan. 10, two decades after he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

But it’s Israel and his painful decline that’s expected to resonate most with lawmakers.

“He was as straight up and down as the hands of a clock. He’s the most ethical guy I met in Annapolis,” Busch said. “When they see Dick going through this trial at the end of his life, it becomes more of a personal, pragmatic support.”

Both Miller and Busch, both Democrats, said they struggle with the issue because of their Catholic faith and haven’t decided how to vote.

“My religion takes me one way, and my gut takes me another. I’m conflicted,” said Miller, adding that he wished the bill had not been named after a good friend and would be debated on merits alone.

“If it was a member of my family or myself, I would like the ability to have that decision, to go with dignity, rather than have people wholesale nba jerseys see me as just a shell with a cancer eating my body away,” Miller said.Articles Connexes:

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