Targeted Community Crime Reduction: Key Documents Library

This library stocks a number of important documents useful for managing or replicating a Targeted Community Crime Reduction Project (TCCRP). They are free to users, but please note that all are owned by TN OCJP, which requires users to cite the source of any documents used outside the grant program. NOTE:  Doug Bailey, President of Performance Vistas (PVI), was instrumental in helping TN OCJP plan for and conduct this multi-year project. PVI is hosting this library temporarily so that TCCRP partners may have easy access to these documents.

Summary:  Tennessee’s criminal justice planning agency (OCJP) is stimulating local innovations for reducing violent crime by funding creative approaches in seven mid-sized cities: Clarksville, Cleveland, Columbia, Jackson, Johnson City, Kingsport, and Murfreesboro Tennessee.  Communities are joining with local police in primary prevention, neighborhood revitalization, enforcement and offender intervention initiatives, and they are circulating data on results to encourage sustained investment and replication by other cities.

What led to the project? A decade of predictable sub-grants can foster a sense of “entitlement” in local law enforcement, and that mentality works against innovation in crime reduction.  To stimulate new ideas for fighting violent and drug-related crime locally, Tennessee’s Office of Criminal Justice Programs (OCJP) is using data to concentrate resources on local crime reduction. OCJP is designing projects to produce measurable results for replication, while insisting that communities work together where they usually depend on enforcement alone.

How the project was designed and launched:  During the 2010 strategic planning cycle, OCJP analyzed crime and demographic data, identifying cities with higher-than-average rates of murder, assault, rape, and other violent crimes. Dwindling resources forced OCJP to target mid-size communities.  Histories of collaboration gave these seven cities a head start, but local leaders had to form their teams and their strategies before the funding flowed, favoring local investment.  OCJP provided TA on measuring outcomes, to ensure the strategies that worked would be replicable.  OCJP monitors the projects and data, negotiating corrective action when necessary.  OCJP believes in “learning-from-doing.”

Where’s the novelty?  OCJP targeted grant funds to seven multi-year demonstration projects with rigorous logic models (i.e., project designs).  It required strategies for prevention/ revitalization, enforcement, and offender intervention. Community organizations, residents, treatment providers and the courts would share the burden with police departments.  The cities would have to leverage existing grants and budgets to ensure the reach of their projects.    If the targeted cities would sustain what worked with project funding, other cities might adopt these strategies, too.  But high-end outcome measurement would have to be convincing about what works in real world situations, so that other cities would recognize how to do business differently. The state would factor the successes into long term priorities for future statewide funding.

How effective is the approach? The projects are documenting success. They expect violent crime to decline in the targeted neighborhoods in the longer term, although the increased attention in high crime zones in the short term is demonstrating increases in arrests:

  1. Prevention/Revitalization:  Gang resistance education, Positive Action curricula, and social skills-building approaches are raising post-test scores among grade schoolers. Schools are reporting reductions in bullying and assault incidents.  Residents are showing greater understanding of housing codes and an improved willingness to engage local government in reducing disorder; they say they’re reclaiming their neighborhoods from blight.  Community- and school-oriented policing are increasing trust in police officers.  Such changes should reduce juvenile petitions for violence, substance abuse and suspensions in schools, and blight in targeted areas.
  2. Enforcement:  Agencies are using crime mapping and community policing tactics such as COMSTAT and DDACTS to concentrate their forces where the need is greatest. Increasing the number of arrests and partnering with probation and parole officers have been associated elsewhere with reduced crime in “hot spots,” and the projects expect the positive effects on violent and drug-related crime incidents in their own communities.  Business leaders are learning how to prevent burglaries and when to report suspicious activity. Residents are reporting less fear of crime. Such changes should accompany reduced rates of violent crime in the longer run.
  3. Offender Intervention:  Out-patient treatment is reducing the incidence of substance abuse, and focusing patrols is expected to reduce probation violations among teens.  Job readiness programs are increasing employment skills for adults, and offenders are showing they can get and keep jobs — the jobs that can keep them from re-offending. Better coping skills are also helping participants remain drug-free. Such changes may reduce the rates of re-arrest among program graduates.

What’s the significance for other cities and states? The projects’ mayors and police chiefs have:

  • Focused funds on narrow targets of opportunity: Making better use of demographic and socio-economic data and geo-coding software produces the greatest “return” on crime reduction efforts.
  • Tailored strategies to fit their communities:  Prevention partners (e.g., boys and girls clubs), parents, homeowners, neighborhood groups, schools, treatment providers, and local universities placed safety above their desire for temporary grant money, benefiting the entire community.
  • Worked out practical solutions:  For example, confidentiality was blocking referrals from the juvenile court to diversion, hindering rehabilitation with participants. Probation figured out a way to share the needed information, and re-arrests of participants are expected to decline.
  • Measured results:  Establishing baselines for neighborhood crime, resident perceptions of safety, and the behaviors of offenders made change management possible.  University evaluators are surveying residents about changes and tracking crime indicators.

Violent and drug-related crime (e.g., prostitution, theft, gangs, blight), mistrust of the police, and indifference to the conditions fostering crime are universal public safety issues. This project shows how to break out of old enforcement-centered attention to crime, away from “business-as-usual” to “what works.”

  • High risk, mid-size cities serve as demonstration sites, showing other cities how small investments in new methods can maximize the impact on crime.
  • Concentrated funding is a good way to show what adequate resources can do to reduce violent crime in small areas experiencing much of the violent crime.
  • Local leaders need structure, flexibility, tools and support to design their own approaches. The state must facilitate local planning.
  • The longest-lasting changes come from redirecting local resources to the existing infrastructure (e.g., re-focusing police manpower and other city resources will last longer than programs funded by short-term grants).
  • Over the long term state grants can “seed” cycles of innovation to address what’s important statewide.

How might the results transfer to others?  OCJP encourages technology-sharing and problem-solving.  OCJP used what it learned in four cities to start projects in cities five and six, then focused those lessons in the seventh city.  In 2012 the project shared results through a statewide conference; another is planned for September 2013 when four of the grants have ended. We are hoping to build momentum by encouraging an association of targeted crime reduction projects to sustain itself. OCJP is already publishing the data on levels of activity and outcome data are being compiled.  Meanwhile, OCJP supports the project teams that educate local leaders about what’s worth sustaining.  Other elements believed to be attractive, especially for smaller communities:

  1. Real collaboration:  Working out practical challenges while maintaining key players, funded or not.
  2. Remaining flexible while replicating approaches found in the literature to fit a community’s resources.
  3. Experience designing strategies for good outcome measurement, especially for short-term changes in skills and attitudes, as crime trends will not change overnight.


7 TCCRP Projects: Key Logic Model Elements

Project Abstracts for Clarksville, Cleveland, Columbia, Jackson, Johnson City, Kingsport and Murfreesboro (tbd)

Clarksville Project Performance Data

Cleveland Project Performance Data

Columbia Project Performance Data

Jackson Project Performance Data

Johnson City Project Performance Data

Kingsport Project Performance Data

Murfreesboro Project Performance Data

Strategic Project Planning: Designing your TCCR Project

Strategic Project Planning: Selecting Strategies, Goals and Objectives (Training Session #2 for Johnson City)

Handout #2: Gantt Chart shows schedule of project start-up and initiation

Handout #3: Training “Primer” with Important Concepts and Definitions

Handout #4: Logical Flow of Project Planning Process


Handout #6: George Mason University’s Evidence-Based Policing Matrix

Handout #7: How to Conduct a Search for the Best-Fitting EB Strategies

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