Tennessee Office of Criminal Justice Programs

Our History with the State of Tennessee

Tennessee Office of Criminal Justice Programs, OCJP (1998-2003):

Performance Management, Strategic Planning and Outcome Evaluation Services, including:

Byrne Memorial Grants Criminal Justice Projects (1999-2003): For the past four years, our senior staff have extended OCJP’s capability to do the planning, allocations and grants management work of the state’s criminal justice planning agency. In 1999-2000 PVI developed the comprehensive strategic planning approach that has become the hallmark of OCJP’s criminal justice planning. Ever since OCJP, which has consistently received its full state award based on this Four-Year Strategy document, has used PVI to help it update the Strategy for the Department of Justice. Using an innovative community mobilization approach in its Strategy, OCJP works hand-in-hand with prosecutors and local law enforcement to analyze trends in community crime indices, examine past resource allocations, analyze spending gaps, set priorities, assess grant applications, award grants, monitor and evaluate grantee performance. To help the Office raise the performance level of the state’s agencies, PVI trained OCJP’s Byrne grant sub-recipients in methods for effective grant-writing, using the Urban Institute’s construct, a “logic model.” We also trained these sub-recipients – ranging from residential substance abuse treatment programs and drug courts to multi-disciplinary drug and violent crime task forces – to generate new outcome data every year, by helping them define their own performance measures and data collection approaches. We are also working with the state’s program audits group to help them understand the expectations for agencies to produce outcome data. PVI facilitates OCJP’s annual staff planning retreat, and supports the Office’s operation in a number of other ways. For example, we analyzed the Office’s workloads, assisted in streamlining those loads, and helped the Office clarify its own “logic model” and measures of success. We are also helping the Office produce its internal policy and procedures manual.

Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) Project (1999-2003): This project overlapped with the STOP project (below) for three years, addressing the VOCA sub-recipient agencies with the same tasks and accomplishments, adding agencies for abused elders, child advocacy and comprehensive victim services. In 2001 we collected and analyzed agency self-reported outcome information, and coached the agencies to develop more standardized measures of client results. We helped the 111+ agencies statewide negotiate “core” measures they could all support, then developed a set of OCJP-recommended client outcome and satisfaction survey instruments for grant sub-recipients to use. In 2002 PVI developed a self-paced curriculum on outcome data collection for grant sub-recipients and placed it on the Internet for free distribution. We collected and analyzed the semi-annual and annual performance data from 125+ victim services projects, then trained the agencies to improve their data collection. We also developed an Internet-based system for sub-recipient grant applications. We continued developing OCJP’s planning, evaluation and training skills. In 2003 PVI is helping OCJP to refine the set of required performance measures and survey instruments, and are trying to identify alternative sources for outcome data. We are developing a new database for distribution to sub-recipients. They will be able to use the tool for automated reporting of the required outcome and output data. We are also working with the state’s program audits group to help them understand the expectations for agencies to produce outcome data. Also in the current project year PCVI staffers are working with the trainers of the TN Coalition against Domestic and Sexual Violence, preparing them to continue training in “managing for results” among their association membership.

STOP Violence against Women (VAWA) Project (1998-2001): In late 1998 OCJP contracted with PVI to develop an innovative approach to evaluating its STOP grant sub-recipients. We built a team of 30 agency administrators who volunteered to meet and, with PVI’s facilitation, develop a unique set of outcome measures for domestic violence shelters, sexual assault programs, victim witness & advocacy programs, local law enforcement DV units, and similar agencies (e.g., legal aid). In 1999-2000 we extended the number of participating agencies by another 60. In 2000-2001 we helped nearly 100 agencies convert their “logic models” and measures into concrete data collection and analysis approaches. PVI also assisted as the Office developed its annual STOP Implementation Plan in 1999, 2000 and 2001. We also analyzed the victim services’ unit’s workloads and helped it develop planning and evaluation skills to round out its grants management responsibilities.

AT Selling Connecticut Operations to Frontier

Buyer: No Deep Staff Cuts After $2 cheap nhl jerseys Billion Deal Get Business wholesale nfl jerseys Mobile Text Alerts

December 17, 2013Dan Haar

AT has reached a deal to sell its wireline business in Connecticut to Frontier Communications for $2 billion in cash, ending a 15 year venture that led to thousands of job losses as the number of regular phone lines declined, technology improved and the company moved support operations elsewhere.

Stamford based Frontier, which operates in 27 states, will take over the old Southern New England Telephone Co. business, which legally still has that name. The operations include 2,700 employees, 900,000 wireline telephone connections, 415,000 Internet connections and 180,000 U verse video subscribers for a total of $1.25 billion in annual revenues, along with the network itself and a lease at AT New Haven offices.

Frontier will use the U verse brand name for video services, but not for its bundled voice, video and Internet, as AT does. And, the Frontier president said in an interview, the acquisition will not mean higher cheap jerseys prices or deep job cuts although it will bring changes for customers.

The merger, announced separately by both companies, would close in late 2014 after regulators’ approval. Frontier will not cut overall employment numbers among the Connecticut employees it inherits, including 2,400 members of the Communications Workers of America, said Dan McCarthy, the Frontier president and chief operating officer. But he said that jobs will change, so some disruption will happen.

Maintaining the overall head count might seem tough to achieve considering that Frontier said it would save $200 million in annual expenses, including $75 million in immediate savings when the deal closes and $125 million in the following three years an aggressive target totaling well more than 15 percent of total expenses.

“There are certain services that were being performed in other parts of the country,” McCarthy explained. “We see moving some of that back into the state.”

AT based in Dallas, will keep its growing wireless business in Connecticut.

“We will continue to invest in Connecticut to serve our wireless and business customers, will maintain a significant employee presence here and will continue to be involved in the community,” said Patricia Jacobs, president of AT New England. AT now sells network access to other telecom providers, a business that would move to Frontier. AT sells DirecTV, which will end; Frontier sells Dish elsewhere and has not decided what satellite service it will sell here.

The deal highlights a convergence in the telecom industry that has not slowed since the 1996 Telecommunications Reform Act. Cable service providers such as Cox and Comcast not only offer phone and Internet service but, in some cases, content of their own. Traditional phone companies such as AT and Verizon are on all platforms with less and less emphasis on wireline phone, leaving an opening for Frontier to buy up old line phone business even as it competes for Internet data and television dollars.

All of this is supposed to bring lower prices, but that hasn’t happened across the board, either because there are too cheap nfl jerseys few competitors or because the cost of content such as sports programming keeps climbing.

State and federal approvals are needed for the SNET deal. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, the former attorney general, both said they would look closely at the deal, especially as it affects basic phone service. “My focus will be on evaluating the effect that this transaction will have on quality of service provided at reasonable rates, as well as the impact on competition, Connecticut’s workforce and the state’s efforts to streamline and improve the use and control of utility poles,” Jepsen said in a written release.

Frontier uses a district system, under which it would have an Eastern headquarters, in New Haven, where AT state headquarters is now based; a main Connecticut office in Hartford; and districts, each with a general manager, in Hartford, Stamford, New Haven, New London and a Litchfield County location to be named. That tiered system is consistent with saving costs even though it adds levels of management, McCarthy said.Articles Connexes:

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With the 2009 Super Bowl breaking a record grossed advertising sales of $206 million dollars in a time of global financial crisis. That makes one wonder, where we might end? When will the Super Bowl become one big commercial? Already every little break in the game is filled with commercials or the camera quickly focusing on some of the stadium ads or commercial partners.

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1) to investigate optical coherence tomography (OCT) correlates in the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE); 2) to demonstrate the feasibility of in vivo Replica Yeezy 350 Boost Online OCT monitoring of RPE dynamics at sub cellular Cheap Yeezy Boost 350 Release level. Located posterior to the photoreceptors at the back of the eye, the RPE is a simple cuboidal epithelium attached firmly to the neurosensory retina at the apical aspect and Bruch’s membrane at the basal aspect. The RPE is essential in maintaining physiological function of photoreceptors and choroidal vasculature1,2. It is known that the RPE plays multiple roles including phagocytosing retinal photoreceptors3, manufacturing the photopigment 11 cis retinal4,5, transporting nutrients and new retinoid from choriocapillaris3, and scavenging stray light6. RPE abnormalities can occur in Replica Adidas 750 For Sale eye diseases, including age related macular degeneration (AMD)7,8, which is a leading cause of impaired vision and legal blindness9,10. alone, more than 10 million people are estimated to have early AMD, and 1.75

for the World Boxing Association’s middleweight championship. He lost to Bernard Hopkins, by technical knockout and retired for the Larry Fitzgerald Jersey Paypal Online first time. Trinidad returned to action in a fight against Ricardo Mayorga and following a fight against Winky Wright retired a second time. In 2008, he returned to the ring to fight Roy Jones, losing the contest by unanimous decision. Subsequently, Trinidad Cheap NBA Jersey Online entered a two year hiatus without clarifying the status of his career. Joe Louis Joseph Louis Barrow (May 13, 1914 April 12, 1981), better known as Joe Louis, was the world heavyweight boxing champion from 1937 to 1949. He is considered to be one of the greatest heavyweights Replica Authenitc Adrian Wilson Jersey Jersey Shopping Store of all time. Nicknamed the Brown Bomber, Louis helped elevate boxing from a nadir in popularity in the post Jack Dempsey era by establishing a reputation as an honest, hardworking fighter at a time when the sport was dominated by gambling interests. Louis’s championship reign lasted 140 consecutive months, during which he participated
to endure. 5 Games Are Played On Saturday Instead Of SundayFor many working Americans, Saturday is, by far, the absolute best day of the week. For one, you don’t have to Cheap Jersey Shopping Store worry about getting up and going to work the next morning, so, if it’s your cup of tea, you can get totally wasted knowing you have an entire day to recover. Wholesale Patrick Peterson Jersey This makes traveling to games and getting home at a reasonable time much easier. College football fans have the luxury of watching their sport on the best day of the week while pro fans have Authenitc Jersey For Cheap Sale to settle for second best. 6 Players Don’t Get TradedWhile a college player can transfer to another school, it is a rare occurrence that is not really an issue in college athletics. In the NFL, players get traded almost as often as baseball cards. Alright, perhaps that’s blowing it out of proportion a bit, but you get the idea. If you’re both a fan of a particular team and a fan of a certain player on that team who recently transferred to another, your allegiance could Authenitc Jersey For Cheap Sale become muddled
getting all of the massages or therapy in order to prevent certain injuries." The biggest lesson Watson has learned from his first season in the NFL? "To take care of my body to listen to my body." Watson has since put Replica NFL Jersey Paypal Online those injury problems behind him and looks Pat Tillman Jersey For Cheap Sale certain to be the Raiders’ starting right tackle on the offensive line opening up gaps for running backs to charge through, and helping to protect his quarterback from blitzing defenders. Unlike other Authenitc NFL Jersey Online Store sports, though, there are no reserve leagues in Jersey Wholesale Online Store the NFL, and this makes competition for places on each team’s 53 man roster incredibly tough. Does the sport suffer for that? "It doesn’t," says Watson, "because it creates elitism. You either make the elite group or Replica Jersey Free Shipping you don’t. It creates Replica NHL Jersey Shopping Store this ‘do or die’, ‘make or break’ environment which is very intense. "From a business standpoint it’s very harsh but I guess the strong can endure it." Apart from baffling team mates with his strong accent and annoying
Stock market investing is considered by many to be at the core of American liberty. Perhaps the only Pat Tillman Jersey Paypal Online thing more American than stock market investing is the NFL Super Bowl. Let’s take a look at some stocks that may be impacted by the Super Bowl. TV’s and Retailers As Patrick Peterson Jersey Free Shipping most retailers would tell you, Larry Fitzgerald Jersey For Sale this is a brisk time for TV sales, possibly second to Black Kurt Warner Jersey For Sale Friday. If the economy is really on the upswing, Best Buy (NYSE:BBY), Target (NYSE:TGT) and some other big box retailers may experience decent sales. Unlike Black Friday, discounts seem to vary. Samsung 46" and 55" 3DTV’s seem to be what Best Buy is pushing. If 3DTV’s are to flourish, Best Buy’s sales Authenitc NBA Jersey Free Shipping would be a good litmus test. Target seems to be selling the Cheap NBA Jersey Online Apex 46". Samsung (OTC:SSNLF), LG (NYSE:LG), Panasonic (PC) and Sharp (OTCPK:SHCAY) are currently trending near the top of big screen TV’s on Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), a retailer that may also experience sales increases. Commercials Even people who don’t like football

5 Easy Tips for Being a Successful Landlord This may wholesale jerseys china come off sounding a little harsh, but I believe the vast majority replica yeezy 750 boost of landlords out there are absolutely terrible. cheap oaklyes I’m not just referring to the way they treat their tenants, though that is a problem as well. I’m talking cheap yeezy boost 750 about the way they run their business. 750 boost free shipping I believe being a landlord gets a bad 750 boost free shipping reputation cheap yeezy boost 750 largely from those who fall into this "terrible landlord" group, but cheap jerseys wholesale in reality being a landlord is not an impossible task and success can be found. The following are five tips for being yeezy 750 for sale a successful wholesale jerseys landlord, cheap oakleys store most learned through mistakes I’ve made cheap jerseys paypal in my own landlording journey. If you have any additional tips, I invite you to share them in the comments below the post! 1.) Treat Your yeezy 750 boost black Business Like a Business As I mentioned earlier, many landlords do a terrible cheap yeezy 750 boost job at running their business and I replica yeezy 750 boost believe this is largely because they don’t see their business as a business. In other yeezy 750 new release words, they treat their investing like a hobby. However, when you
are thrilled and grateful for their generosity now and over the years," 750 boost free shipping said Douglas G. Myers, CEO of San Diego Zoo Global. "They are committed to providing an excellent home for the African penguins as well as an amazing opportunity for guests to experience the world of these extraordinary black and white birds."In honor of the McKinneys, two African penguin brothers that arrived at the zoo a few months ago from the Tautphaus Park Zoo in Idaho have been named Dan and yeezy 350 boost online McKinney. cheap yeezy boost The two penguins may make occasional appearances to raise public awareness authentic jerseys about replica 750 yeezy their species.Top StoriesChargers Mock Draft 2016NCAA closes SDSU case without violationsMan upset over TSA pat down of girl, 10Chargers file for wholesale nhl jerseys paypal relocation to Los AngelesImmigration raids in southwest begin, don’t include CATrendingNCAA closes SDSU case without yeezy 750 new release violationsMan upset fake cheap oakleys over TSA pat down of girl, 10Chargers file for relocation to Los AngelesWhisenhunt, McCoy among Chargers elite jerseys wholesale play caller candidatesSouthern California feeling the influence
orange yeezy 750 boost online crackers flying into every crack and crevice. No big deal; the wholesale authentic jerseys orange crumbs just blend into the scenery. Or maybe I make a sudden left turn and someone’s cheap michael kors outlet blue Gatorade splashes onto the carpet. C’est la vie. The blue raspberry scent might even be an improvement. 3. Grace and kindness. As it is, I am one of the most forgiving drivers you know. The last time someone drove replica yeezy 750 boost too close to me, scraped the side of my car,= and hit my yeezy 750 boost online mirror, I just shrugged, smiled, and said, "It’s your lucky day! I can’t tell if yeezy 350 boost black you did any damage. Have a good one." 4. Less stress. When you have cheap oakleys three boys with dirty feet and dirty cleats, you are almost guaranteed to have dirty seats and a dirty floor. Also. kids vomit. Kids sneeze. Kids do yeezy 750 free shipping gross 350 boost free shipping things. I don’t want clean car anxiety to give me an aneurism. I don’t want to spend my life armed with a dust buster, yeezy 350 for sale freaking out about cookie crumbs. 5. Sympathy. Car technicians are almost apologetic when they suggest repairs. They probably remember sitting on cheap michael kors outlet those exposed
7 Hurt yeezy 750 for sale on West Side After Car Rams Taxi Seven people were injured yesterday, including a man who lost part of a leg, when a car ran a red light on the Upper West Side, starting a chain reaction accident that spread onto a busy sidewalk, the police said. Joseph Gallagher, yeezy 750 boost black a police spokesman. The taxi then slammed yeezy 350 boost black into a row of cars parked on Broadway just south of 77th Street, cheap yeezy boost forcing one car onto the sidewalk, yeezy 750 new release where five people were hurt, he said. wholesale nba jerseys He said several yeezy 750 new release other parked cars were fake oakleys cheap damaged. replica yeezy boost Three of the injured Ali Shokat, 30, Ali Ishmael, 42, and Rafiqul Hoquechondury, fake oakleys 36, all of the Bronx were hit as they sat on a bench outside Big Nick’s, a hamburger and pizza restaurant on the ground floor of the Belleclaire Hotel. Sergeant jerseys wholesale Gallagher said that the three were taken to St. Luke’s Hospital, where Mr. Shokat’s lower left leg was amputated. He said two pedestrians, Shan Abulkashan, 50, and Lokman Hossaial, 38, were struck and were taken to Metropolitan Hospital with minor injuries. Witnesses said that more pedestrians would have been hurt, but they heard the initial crash and scrambled out of the way. The passengers in the cab, Florence Paladin, 70, and yeezy 750 new release Leslie Paladin, 37, were taken to 750 yeezy paypal online Roosevelt Hospital with face and replica yeezy boost neck injuries, the sergeant said.