PVI Values

Have you been to the Blue Ridge? Some of us grew up near those mountains—a great setting for growth and change. And a pretty good base for learning what matters in life: The day we claim to be “experts” is the day we stop growing. PVI believes in growth and change.Leaders create an environment where mistakes are learning opportunities, where continuous improvement processes are as stimulating as driving a winding mountain road. We believe in teamwork and open, honest, participatory leadership, shared ownership of successes and mistakes. Shared accountability.

Maybe most of all, we believe in partnership, communication, and PROCESS. A love of learning… These concepts have driven our work since 1979…

Organizational Learning

Organizational learning is the system-wide pursuit of knowledge and information. We use systems thinking and analytical tools, but we also look beyond activity and output statistics, to stay focused on our clients’ results. We invest in participatory decision-making. That requires us to work through our service delivery partners using actionable data, stakeholder involvement, and facilitated decision processes.

Leadership and Management

PVI believes it takes both leadership and management skills to achieve results today. Leadership is staff-centered and client-focused. Management means balancing accountability with the tools and resources to accomplish results.

Strategic Direction Setting

Strategic Planning looks years ahead to consider how changing community needs, resource limitations (i.e., unmet needs), and program performance are influencing mission accomplishment. We believe in monitoring the expectations and satisfaction levels of agency stakeholders, which includes line staff and clients, as well as the public and power brokers. We even conduct focus groups with our clients’ agency partners!

Rational Quality Improvement Processes

At PVI we are committed to principles of continuous process improvement, service effectiveness and quality:

  • Our client agencies establish performance measures and measurement systems, using action work groups of state and county staffs for the design work. They use performance data to identify strengths and weaknesses, analyze processes and develop action plans for improvements. State staff partner up with county staff for assessments of the key indicators of success. The findings help set action plans from process re-engineering to budget adjustments.
  • Our clients’ leaders learn to facilitate self-appraisals of the local agencies’ working atmospheres (i.e., vision, morale, teamwork, communication, etc.). Local staffs develop action plans to guide their own climate improvements. Our client agencies have been analyzing workforce availability and caseworker workloads in all their program areas since 1984. Our philosophy is that no local service delivery unit should be expected to perform at high levels of quality unless the resources are available to support that quality work. To that end, we believe that everyone should know how the services processes are changing incrementally with each policy or procedure change, and that each change should come with a workload impact analysis. We also believe in using the workload data, tuned to changing patterns of service demand, to develop personnel budgets that are balanced with the outcome measures we expect to accomplish.

For more, click here to see History of Excellence or Planning Tools!

with a lot of things

A man fatally shot by a Seattle police officer after being ordered to drop a knife often had difficulty hearing and understanding what was said to him, say people who knew him.

John T. Williams, 50, was killed by Officer Ian Birk Monday afternoon. Birk saw Williams with a knife and repeatedly ordered him to drop it just before the shooting, police said.

Williams, it turned out, was a First Nations totem carver and chronic inebriate who had told people he was deaf in one ear, say those who knew him. He also could be so drunk he wouldn understand what people were saying to him.

Police said Wednesday that they are looking into reports that Williams may have been hard of hearing. Open triumphGolfers give wholesale jerseys from china bad reviews of Chambers Bay course, USGA says it’s just fineCool Seattle places off the tourist pathNine time major winner Gary Player calls Chambers Bay a ‘tragedy’Commuters: Seattle area traffic stinks, but we’d rather drive alone

struggled with a lot things. He had a long history of homelessness and a long history of drinking, and he suffered with some profound cognitive challenges from that, said Nicole Macri, a spokeswoman for the Downtown Emergency Services Center (DESC), which runs 1811 Eastlake, a home for long term alcoholics where Williams had lived off and on for the past several years.

Williams had returned to the home two weeks ago after being convicted of a felony for exposing himself to a staff member in May 2009. Macri said the employee had welcomed him back, reinforcing the perception held by Macri and others at DESC that Williams posed no threat.

was known to be volatile at times, particularly when he was intoxicated, which was a common state for him, but he was very vulnerable, Macri said. he was not perceived as such a threat that he could not move back into our housing. 27, who joined the department two years ago, was on patrol Monday afternoon when he saw Williams crossing Boren Avenue at Howell Street carrying a folding knife with a three inch blade and a piece of wood.

The officer wholesale nfl jerseys pulled his cruiser over and approached Williams, police officials said. Police say Birk ordered him to drop the knife three times before he fired four shots from a distance of nine to 10 feet.

Initial reports were that the man advanced on the officer with the knife; however, the department on Tuesday said it could no longer be sure that occurred.

Sean Whitcomb, the police department spokesman, said Wednesday that the department was looking for additional witnesses to the shooting or anyone who might have been with Williams earlier in the day.

Birk has been placed on routine administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

The shooting, in addition to being reviewed by homicide detectives and King County wholesale cheap nfl jerseys prosecutors, will be subject to an internal police department shooting review to ensure Birk had complied with the department policy for using deadly force. The county will also likely order a coroner inquest to review Williams death.

Macri said employees and residents at 1811 Eastlake were devastated by the shooting.

have a strong partnership with the Seattle Police Department, and we are encouraged they have promised a full and transparent investigation; at this point we aren drawing conclusions. We want to know more, just like everyone else, she said.

Alex Castas, general manager of Ye Olde Curiosity Shop on the Seattle waterfront, said his shop has been buying carvings from Williams family for five generations, stretching back to the 1880s, when the shop used to buy from tribal members paddling up in canoes.

can definitely see a scenario where John had been drinking and it is taking him a while to focus exactly on what is going on; I could see him tripping more than I could see him lunging. was the same for Chaney Haney and Julie Reisman, co owners of Glo, a restaurant on Capitol Hill where Williams sold his work, and liked to sit on the bench outside on the sidewalk, carving.

wonder if the officer knew he was hard of hearing; he told me he could not hear out of one ear, Haney said. it was my guess, I would just say he was standing there and the officer was trying to get his attention and John didn hear him.

is not a lucid person. You can have a coherent conversation with him. You say, is it going? and he will start talking about something that has nothing to do with here and now, Reisman said. was a real disconnect there between what he was receiving and what he was putting out. He also seemed far too slow and feeble to her to hurt anybody. step that he would wholesale jerseys shop take, it was like he was moving a mountain. from Williams First Nations tribe in British Columbia were shocked by the shooting.

was unbelievable that this would happen in this day and age, said Les Sam, chief of the Tseshaht First Nation in the Alberni Valley on Vancouver Island. The Tseshaht are one of 14 member nations of the Nuu Chah Nulth Tribal Council.

Williams was a member of the Ditidaht First Nation, also a member nation of the Nuu Chah Nulth. The Ditidaht First Nation is a small, remote community on the west coast of Vancouver Island.Articles Connexes:

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