Introduction to Strategic Planning with PVI

This “position paper” describes the approach Performance Vistas takes to strategic planning and program management in the public social services.

The Basic Planning Model Used by PVI

At PVI we use an approach to planning that follows a simple design. It is a variation on the basic “plan-do-check-act” model articulated by a number of planner-evaluators in recent years.1 The approach, which resembles the loop depicted in Figure 1, below, is the backbone of our continuous improvement process.

Figure 1. A Simple Design for Planning and Implementing Social Services

The Detailed Process of Strategic Management

A more detailed diagram of PVI’s strategic program planning and program management cycle may be found in Figure 2, below. Because it is a cycle, rather than a linear sequence, it is possible to begin addressing the process at any point in the program cycle. We could, for example, begin at program designs and still eventually complete the cycle. It is also possible to build the planning system up in all or nearly all the stages at once, creating the strategic management process by knitting together a number of initiatives on many different fronts. The latter is the approach we have undertaken with both South Carolina’s Department of Social Services and with the Tennessee Office of Criminal Justice Programs.

Figure 2 offers a brief description of each planning stage, to show how the cycle proceeds when all its stages are fully functional. We help our clients organize for the purpose of achieving client outcomes. We (and they) are managing for results.

Figure 2. A Detailed Strategic Program Planning and Program Management Approach

(click on each box for more details)

Footnote 1. Kaplan and Norton, “Using the Balanced Scorecard as a Strategic Management System,” Felkins, Chakiris & Chakiris, Change Management: A Model for Effective Orginizational Performance; Lawler, From the Ground Up: Six Principles for Building the New Logic Corporation; and others

(See Bibliography)

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