Leadership Challenges

  • List of Modules
  • Module One: Creating a Shared Vision (9 hours)
  • Module Two: Challenging the Status Quo (3 hours)
  • Module Three: Freeing Others to Act (6 hours)
  • Module Four: Encouraging the Heart (3 hours)
  • Module Five: Improving Performance (“walking the talk”) (3 hours)

Leadership Challenges: Experiential Training for Public Sector Managers

by Performance Vistas, Inc.

Module One: Creating A Shared Vision (9 hours)

Message: The experts have “weighed in.” There’s a great degree of agreement on what it takes to be an effective leader. Performance Vistas has organized this training using constructs Kouzes and Posner highlighted in their book, The Leadership Challenge. But our curriculum embraces the rich diversity of a number of other authors, such as Warren Bennis and Bert Nannus, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Steven Covey, Tom Peters, Tom Blanchard, Peter Drucker, Douglas MacGregor, Michael Hammer, Peter Senge, and several others. (See Bibliography) However, a leader doesn’t have to have studied the experts to recognize the traits and skills of an accomplished leader. We all have some experience with effective teams, organizations and leaders.

The task for this training is to explore what we have already learned about leadership, applying that to our own leadership practices, and experiencing the use of these skills in structured exercises and dialogue sessions with our peers. We begin by discussing our experiences with successful leaders, organizations and teams.

Introductions, agendas, objectives and administrative chores
Establishing a Respectful Climate: Communication Techniques and Ground Rules for Participation
Training Overview:

  • Characteristics of Best Organization
  • Best Boss/Worst Boss
  • Leading and Managing
  • The Five Practices for Effective Leadership

Organization Vision: Experiential Exercises

  • What’s unique about your organization’s strengths? (My agency)
  • What would it be like if you enjoyed coming to work each day? (My unit)
  • Values and how they shape priorities for the future.
  • The ultimate work environment (what would create that joy?)
  • In the year 2010, what will they be saying about you and your organization?

Module Two: Challenging the Status Quo (3 hours)

Message: To begin making significant changes we have to be able to sort through the data and select those targets worthy of change. Then we must realistically assess which issues are within our influence, and set priorities. Therapists call it “partializing” problems. Besides, people don’t resist change; they resist being changed. Since people are different, we must find ways of approaching them with changes that work for them. People adjust to change at their own pace, much as they adjust to separation and loss. The stages even resemble the grief cycle!


  • Focusing and Directing Personal Energy
  • Change: Stages of Change
  • Circle of influence/Circle of concern/Focus
  • Exercise: Developing an Action Plan

Module Three: Freeing Others to Act (6 hours)

Message: Shared ownership is often the key to successful performance, but the key to ownership is TRUST. Leaders should know how to create a climate of trust (and realize how easy it is to destroy that trust). To work though people we also need to recognize the characteristics of effective work teams. We should be able to facilitate information processing and decision making in groups. Other essential leadership skills we practice: problem solving, brainstorming, nominal group processing, and criteria weighing. Teamwork means using diversity as a strength, so an exploration of work styles and individual differences is a valuable experience. Leaders are capable of finding WIN/WIN solutions for managing conflict, and therefore we explore active listening, consensus-building and negotiation.


  • Group Problem Solving/Decision Making: “The Cruise from Hell” Experience
  • How decisions get made in teams and groups
  • Building Consensus: The Abilene Paradox (“Going along to get along”)
  • Teams, Teamwork and Decisions
  • Recognizing Individual Differences: Four Corners Exercise
  • Delegation (versus “dumping”)

Module Four: Encouraging the Heart (3 hours)

Message: We find that supporting one’s team requires the leader to use four situational leadership styles (i.e.; directing, coaching, supporting, delegating) to work with teammates at different stages of their professional development. Understanding the relationship between supervisory expectations and staff performance is crucial for any manager or leader who wants excellence from the work group. Different things motivate different workers today, but a few common assumptions (such as the “motivational value” of pay raises) can be misleading. Effective leaders understand the “mainsprings of motivation.” It’s hard to find incentives for professionals who work in public services agencies today, but there are a number of effective strategies for “Making Heroes” if the leader can be creative!


  • Situational Leadership:

    • Theory X and Theory Y (MacGregor)
    • Commitment and Competence
    • Directing, Coaching, Supporting and Delegating
    • Video Case Study
  • Motivation:

    • Leading Through Empowerment
    • Mainsprings of Motivation (Herzberg)
  • Making Heroes: Creative Incentives & Coaching for Improved Performance (Fournies)

Module Five: Improving Performance (“walking the talk”) (3 hours)

Message: Before we turn you loose, we want to help you clarify your leadership values and life mission, and explore how your personal mission affects your leadership performance within the organization. Since too often we assume there’s no time to do things “right,” we discuss concepts and approaches for effective workload and time management, and help you develop a personal action plan and goals for improving your time and workload management practices. Finally, you will develop a personal action plan and measures of success in five areas of leadership performance.


  • Personal Vision-Setting Exercise
  • Guiding principles for leading by example
  • Am I in this job to do something, or am I in this job for something to do?
  • Leadership Practices Self-Assessment: Finding our Areas of Excellence
  • Quadrant II Time Management (Covey)
  • Action Plan Development: Self-Improvement
  • Closing: “Going Public!” and Finding a Mentor
Epidural Steroid Injection ESI

If you are a patient experiencing back pain, and have tried numerous treatment methods, only to find that they help just a little, or not as much as you would like, then maybe your next step is an epidural steroid injection (ESI).

I’ve been dealing with a herniated disc for the last four years or so, and have tried everything from physical therapy, chiropractic, pain medicine, acupuncture, rest, ice, heat, ointments and many other things. So after visiting a back specialist, who thankfully told me I was not quite a candidate for back surgery yet, he suggested the minimally invasive epidural steroid injection. If this has been recommended to you, and you have done an Internet search on the topic, you likely will be shown hundreds or even thousands of links to websites from surgery or radiology centers that perform several of these procedures daily. But a patient’s perspective isn’t as accessible, so here I am to tell you about my experience.

First of all, I hate needles, though not to the point where I get sick before any type of injection or blood work. However, this was different. We’re talking about a long needle that goes directly into your spine and then serves as a vehicle for something usually akin to cortisone, which then shrinks inflammation surrounding the disc or area in question.

I was told by a friend who works at this particular facility that he sees 20 30 of these procedures a day (yikes!), and that it’s usually pretty painless as a whole. Still, I know how much pain I’m in and I was scared of someone sticking a long needle directly in there.

So, after arriving and filling out mountains of paperwork about medical history (if you take blood thinners of any kind, you have to stop taking them for a few days prior to your injection), they took me in the back and got my vital signs. My blood pressure is usually normal, but it was a bit high due to my anxiety. lidocaine.

So I went in, and I’m not sure if this is typical of every center that performs these, but I didn’t even have to wear some uncomfortable hospital gown or anything. Simply loosen your pants, and jump on the table. That was encouraging.

Then they prep you by washing your skin a bit, and the doctor comes in. Now, I should mention that this is done on an X ray table, so that the doctor can see where he is going with the needle. Unfortunately, my doctor came in and informed me that he had just gotten off the phone with my back specialist, who clarified that he wanted an ESI that gets closer to the S1 nerve, because that’s what was causing the bulk of my pain. Yikes, I said, and I really said that. I had acupuncture a few years ago and I distinctly remember almost jumping off the table from some of those needles touching on nerves. Still, this was supposed to be different.

They numbed me with the lidocaine, which felt like a little bee sting, and quite honestly didn’t hurt for more than 2 seconds. After I started to feel numb, the doctor put the big needle in, telling me what he was doing cheap nfl jerseys the whole time. I’m not sure if that’s good or not, but I was still fearing that jolt I might feel from hitting the nerve. Then, finally I did feel a very slight electric type shock, but I mean slight.

Then, and it happened so quickly, the needle was out. I had visions of having trouble walking, but I didn’t at all. They took me into another room and got my blood pressure again, which was still sky high, and I knew it would be. But I was relieved that cheap jerseys china this was over.

Then what? Well, they recommend that you have a driver to take you home in case you have lingering numbness in your leg(s). Then you should rest for the remainder of the day, and resume normal activities the day after that. You will be sore, as if you had a tetanus shot, for a few days, and then by the third or fourth day the cortisone should start to fully affect the area. I have to say that in my case, it took more like five or six days to feel improvement, and even then we’re talking maybe 15%.

I’ve read, and been told, that it sometimes takes 2 3 injections to get the most benefit, so I’m going to probably try it again in a few weeks and see how that works. At least this time, I won’t be as scared or anxious as I was the first time, because that unknown factor won’t be there.

For those of you who have been recommended cheap jerseys china this procedure and are dreading it, I can tell you that there is really nothing to be afraid of. The whole thing is almost completely painless, and the worst part might be the soreness you’ll feel afterward. Plus, the actual procedure takes about 10 minutes.

I’ll report back more after my second injection, and meanwhile I hope this hub helps many of you and/or alleviates your fears!

Jason Menayan 7 years ago from San Francisco

Great advice. I’ve been battling a L5 S1 herniation myself over the past 3 4 months and I’ve had the EPI done twice. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me, but my experience in terms of the procedure was the same as yours. You feel an “electric shock” for a split second, but no pain after that.

I was also given a tranquilizer intravenously, which made me feel loopy during it and for about 15 minutes afterwards.

Definitely something that should be tried for all but the most needle shy, since it provides relief for many.

fishskinfreak2008 7 years ago from Fremont CAAndrea 7 years ago

I just came across this post. I will have the injection done in 3 hours from now and I am so glad I found this article. This just put me at ease a bit. Most of the stuff I read from others was bad things about it. Especially after the injections. So thank you very much for posting some positive words about it. I’m actually having a second one done in cheap jerseys china two weeks and I’m hoping it will really do the trick. Most of all, I’m not scared this time. Best of luck to you and let me know how it goes!

How did the second one go? Any benefit? I had an L5 minimally invasive discectomy a few weeks ago and don’t see any benefit yet. ESI is my next step. Should have been my first step. Part of the reason is I had a road trip planned the day after, and was in the car for 20 hours over the next three days. That was dumb on my part. But I’m having a third soon. I hear sometimes the third one is the charm anyway. I guess everyone responds differently.Articles Connexes:

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