Our History of Excellence

Performance Vistas offers a unique blend of consultation and facilitation skills:

  • First-hand experience and program knowledge in crime reduction and community collaboration models; family and children’s social services: early intervention and diversion, CPS, foster care, adoption, group care; public assistance and welfare reform; child support enforcement; domestic violence and sexual assault; juvenile justice; law enforcement, prosecution, the courts; public health; mental health; community development; drug treatment; teen pregnancy prevention; and corrections.
  • Consultation skills: First-rate facilitation; Strategic planning; Performance management; Outcome measurement; Process re-engineering; Curriculum design and development; Training delivery and training of trainers; Program monitoring and evaluation; Workload research; Workforce management; Resource allocation studies; Survey research; Database construction, data collection and analysis.
  • We are known for our high energy and enthusiasm.
  • Outgoing personalities! We will connect with your staff at all levels of the agency—which makes us effective facilitators, team builders and communicators.  We are accomplished in computer graphics and database management skills—which make our presentations powerful and our technical work exacting.
  • Extensive telecommunications experience. We use video and the internet creatively for training and problem solving.

Current State Projects:

Georgia Commission on Family Violence

  • (March 2014-February 2015) Bailey was engaged by GCFV as a follow-up to the 2012 project developing a Statewide Strategic Plan to end Family Violence in Georgia. That plan, which is being implemented by all 20+ partner agencies, was grounded largely in Intimate Partner Violence Fatalities data because the state’s primary data on the incidence of FV, state law enforcement data on violent crime incidence and arrests, court protective orders, CPS and APS incidence as well as DV services data were considered unreliable by the field experts who were our partners. GCFV engaged PVI to manage the collection, compilation and analysis of state data to support updates of the state Strategic Plan. Bailey coordinated with the “owners” of these crucial data sets, obtained clarifications of the strengths and weaknesses of each, and prepared data summaries for analysis by the working groups for Needs Assessment. GCFV will use the data to conduct planning, and to guide strategic initiatives for improving data bases in the future.

Recently Completed Projects:

Tennessee Office of Criminal Justice Programs

  • (January ’11 – September ’14):  “Encouraging Innovations.”  The project focused discretionary Justice Department grant money on seven middle-sized communities in Tennessee with higher than average violent crime rates.  Crime data were used to target these cities (Jackson, Kingsport, Murfreesboro, Cleveland, Clarksville, Columbia and Johnson City).  PVI worked with OCJP to train and provide technical assistance to help the cities’ crime reduction collaboratives to develop evidence-based models for three-part crime reduction strategies. Each project implemented its unique approach to prevention, enforcement and offender intervention — tailored to the problems and resources in the community. Extensive measurement of project outputs and outcomes, including changes in targeted violent crime rates and recidivism, was conducted by a team of faculty from universities around the state.  PVI’s Bailey coordinated this team, and facilitated the TA.  Reports described the challenges and successes with coalition-building, implementation, short- and long-term outcomes.  The project published results, as well as training on sustainability.  Bailey also conducted planning sessions for local project teams to support the negotiation of sustainability plans for their cities.

Georgia Commission on Family Violence

  • (July ’11-December’12)  Bailey was engaged to help plan for, and to facilitate the strategic planning process for Georgia’s plan to end Family Violence.   GCFV staff, with the support and encouragement of the Commission’s Chair, Judge Peggy Walker, recruited a very diverse and broad-based Planning Committee of 24 agency leads.  We developed a detailed task plan, and delivered training to organize the approach.  Working sub-groups for Needs Assessment and Resource Inventory developed their recommendations for the planning committee to act on.  Following a simplified version of the sexual violence prevention planning model developed by CDC and used by PVI in Tennessee to plan for sexual assault prevention, the committee conducted a gap analysis following the NA and RI.  Selection of priorities and strategies, goals and objectives came next, while a consensus was developed through facilitated dialogue sessions.  The goal was to produce broad-based alignment behind the plan, which presented TEN strategies for long term implementation in Georgia. Each strategy included a range of action steps, measures of success, and timeframes for coordinating all the state and local agency partners in the Plan.

Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

  • (July ’09 -June ’12): The project engaged PVI in a multi-year project to develop, refine, and implement outcome measurement among VOCA- and VAWA-funded victim services agencies statewide. Outcome Performance Measurement and Training: PVI staff maintained the reporting site and online reporting utility for VOCA, VAWA and Family Violence projects funded by the state under these crime victim services grant programs. As part of this role, we summarized and analyzed the outcome data for some 100 agencies and 200 funded projects. We offered CJCC our recommendations for improving the measures and the sub-recipients’ data collection practices. CJCC used us to make edits to its outcome measures as they matured under field use. We also planned and conducted measurement training for the many VOCA and VAWA grant sub-recipients. PVI authored a Data Collection Guidebook for Georgia victim services agencies. This guidebook was updated with current Georgia statistical reporting requirements made essential by changes in CJCC’s other reporting systems. PVI’s role extended to planning for, developing curriculum for, and conducting training sessions on improved outcomes reporting and using the outcomes data for managing a project successfully.

Ms. Lateefah Raheem

Director, Planning and Evaluation

Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

104 Marietta Street NW

Atlanta, GA 30349

Tennessee Office of Criminal Justice Programs

  • (July ’09 – June ’11): The project engaged Performance Vistas in a wide range of technical assistance, training, program planning and evaluation services for Justice-Department funded criminal justice programs in Tennessee. Funded by a grant from the Justice Department under the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA):
  • Targeted Violent Crime Reduction Project: Performance Vistas planned this BJA-funded approach to innovative resource allocation as a partner with TN OCJP. We conducted crime data research using technical experience with the TN Incident-Based Reporting System (TIBRS), to help the state identify candidate cities and to select the sites, based on community size, violent crime rates, crime trends, and history of collaborative problem solving. We worked with OCJP’s program managers in the Byrne/JAG program to develop the evidence-based program planning framework for grant applicants to use. We conducted research into models of evidence-based practice in violent crime prevention, enforcement and offender rehabilitation. We are trained four selected cities’ crime reduction coalitions in how to plan their strategies and prepare their proposed approaches. We developed training curricula, coordinated with the state’s Byrne/JAG program managers, and delivered regional training sessions. Our role included providing TA as the state reviewed and critiqued targeted grant applications, as well as problem solving and decision facilitation. PVI also coordinated with four university process evaluators engaged by the cities. We designed the process evaluation, and developed the plan for outcome and impact analyses.
  • Performance Measurement in Criminal Justice: Part of PVI’s role was to analyze the outcome and other performance measures implemented under the Byrne/JAG program, and to provide technical assistance for TN OCJP as it adjusted its measures and reporting systems to accommodate DOJ/BJA. PVI monitored the measures as they were released by BJA, and conducted assessments of the TN OCJP measures. Working with OCJP program managers, PVI helped Tennessee adapt to the new reporting requirements.
  • Criminal Justice Training Project: PVI staff convert the changes in metrics data collection and reporting into revisions to Tennessee’s Byrne/JAG program policy and its administrative manual. These changes were used to develop curricula to help local level grant sub-recipients to adopt the necessary practices for reporting as required. PVI coordinated with OCJP staff, and delivered regional training on performance measures and reporting. We also planned and conducted an evaluation of the training’s effectiveness.
  • ARRA Program Management Manual: PVI staff analyzed the ARRA requirements as they were released and provided additional capacity for the state’s program managers at a demanding time of change and overwhelming workloads. As part of this effort, PVI developed a draft manual, tested it with state staff, and produced a final draft for OCJP to finalize. We will also develop training materials and deliver the training on ARRA reporting as needed.
  • Crime Victim Services Program Planning: PVI helped the TN OCJP program managers to prepare its multi-year Violence Against Women Act/ARRA Implementation Plan, which involved incorporating new program requirements. Also in this role, PVI assisted OCJP in conducting sexual assault program planning under the VAW Act. TN OCJP updated its community needs assessment, to track trends and shifts in priorities for programming among victim services agencies in Tennessee. PVI’s role was to provide TA on the selection of an advisory group of field practitioners, planning and facilitation of the advisory group’s meetings, and summary of the proceedings. OCJP used us to continue to plan for adjustments in spending priorities over the coming years, given patterns of growth in minority populations, shifts in the utilization of shelter bed-space, and the increased involvement of children in incidents of family violence.
    Mr. William Scollon
    Office of Criminal Justice Programs
    Tennessee Department of Finance and Administration
    312 Rosa L. Parks Avenue, 12th Floor, Tennessee Tower
    Nashville, TN 37243
  • Statewide Drug Court Evaluation and Training Project

(March 1, 2009 – September 30, 2011). The Statewide Drug Court Evaluation and Training Project was a three-year project involving three selected adult drug courts: (1) Sumner County Adult Drug Court (Gallatin), (2) Knox County Adult Drug Court (Knoxville), and (3) the Greene County Adult Drug Court (Greeneville). These three drug courts were selected to represent the diversity of drug courts in Tennessee.

  • Goals:
    • The completion of a process and outcome evaluation of three selected drug courts in Tennessee that will describe each of the programs and the outcomes being achieved by these three drug court programs, as well as a set of recommendations for improving each of the three drug courts.
    • The development of a cost-benefit tool and template that can be used by Tennessee drug court programs for developing their own cost-benefit analyses.
    • The provision of training to state drug court administrators and drug court programs on the (1) key findings and improvement recommendations identified in the process and outcome evaluations and (2) the use of the cost-benefit tool and template.
    • Objectives:
      1. Determine whether the selected drug court programs have met their goals and objectives related to the implementation of services.
      2. Describe the specific benefits of each drug court program to participants, the community, and the criminal justice system.
      3. Identify perceived strengths and weaknesses of each selected drug court program from the perspectives of staff, participants and the evaluation team.
      4. Describe the major components of each drug court program, their effectiveness, and any changes over time that have occurred in the program.
      5. Examine the degree of coordination between agencies involved in each selected drug court program, and the support for the program from these agencies.
      6. Identify recommendations from staff and participants for improving each drug court program.
      7. Examine key drug court outcomes related to criminal recidivism, substance abuse, and other selected outcomes such as employment status.
      8. Compare outcomes for program participants and a similar group of untreated offenders.
      9. Determine the cost and benefits of each of the selected drug court programs.
    • Process: Focus on both “process” measures (e.g. program implementation) and program outcomes (e.g. criminal recidivism) in three selected drug court programs, including the collection of both qualitative and quantitative data. Additionally, collect budget data from each of the selected drug courts to be used in the development testing of the cost-benefit tool and template. The three selected drug court programs actively participated in evaluation efforts, and provided necessary data (e.g., program completion rates, participant satisfaction, drug test results, change in supervision status, budget, etc.) to support the impact evaluation of the program.

Ms. Marie Crosson
Program Manager, Byrne/Justice Assistance Grants

312 Rosa L. Parks Avenue, 12th Floor, Tennessee Tower

Nashville, TN 37243

Tennessee Department of Finance and Administration

Office of Criminal Justice Programs

  • Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Georgia Department of Human Services (October ’09 – June ’10): Program Planning for a Protocol for CPS/DV Case Decision-making: PVI staff was engaged to provide planning assistance and technical assistance for convening an advisory committee on a new protocol for co-occurring DV/child maltreatment. Bailey helped DHS staff plan the sessions, and facilitated the dialogue. We prepared summaries of the proceedings, with recommendations for next steps. DHS is also using PVI to consult on its outcome evaluation design for FVPSA grantees.

Ms. Christy L. Cardina
Director of Training
Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence
114 New Street, Suite B
Decatur, GA 30030

  • Local Direct Services Agencies:
    • Gwinnett Sexual Assault Center, Norcross GA (’08-’10): PVI has assisted the GSAC conduct program planning, staff development on outcome measures and logic models. We have also developed a draft program manual.Ann Burdges, Executive Director
      Gwinnett Sexual Assault Center
      3227 South Peachtree Street
      Duluth, GA 30096
      (770) 476-7407
    • Project SAFE, Blairsville, GA (’08-’09): PVI planned with agency leadership, and conducted board development training and program planning with agency staff. We have also conducted training on outcome measures and logic models for agency personnel.Kathie Hollis, Executive Director
      S.A.F.E., Inc.
      P.O. Box 11
      Blairsville, Ga. 30514
      (706) 379-1901
    • HODAC, Warner Robbins, GA (’06 –’07): PVI facilitated staff work teams in sessions on program planning; training on outcome measures and logic models.
      Kathy Hart, Executive Director
      2762 Watson Boulevard
      Warner Robins, GA 31093-2948
    • Domestic Violence Council, Shelby County-Memphis, TN (Nov ’05): PVI staff conducted crime prevention program planning, and facilitated strategic program planning for a violent crime reduction project in the Hickory Hill neighborhood.
      Pam Taylor, Project Manager
      Crime Victims Center –
      Linking Neighborhoods to Comprehensive Services
      Memphis, TN
      (901) 545-3450
  • TN Office of Criminal Justice Programs: Technical Assistance, Training, and Program Evaluation Services (June ’08 – ’09): PVI staff provided technical assistance to expand the capacity of the TN OCJP program management staff to help conduct planning for stimulus changes. We also developed program Abstracts for all of the Byrne/JAG program areas (e.g., drug courts, drug task forces, community crime prevention, corrections, etc.). We also helped OCJP develop performance measures for ARRA-funded sub-grants. We helped OCJP develop ARRA grant applications for online submission by potential contracting agencies. We planned the drug court program evaluation design and process analysis, and provided a good deal of training for drug court coordinators on its implementation.
    Mr. William Scollon
    Deputy Director
    Office of Criminal Justice Programs
    Tennessee Department of Finance and Administration
    312 Rosa L. Parks Avenue, 12th Floor, Tennessee Tower
    Nashville, TN 37243
  • TN Department of Health: Sexual Violence Prevention Strategic Planning (Nov ’08 – Oct ’09): PVI conducted an analysis of CDC’s Evidence-based and Data-driven planning model and its requirements for state sexual violence prevention grants. We coordinated with TDH grants management staff as well as epidemiology and other teams within the department. PVI also organized and facilitated the training of the state’s comprehensive Sexual Violence Prevention Committee. We played lead roles in conducting the Needs Assessment and Resources Inventory. We facilitated work groups selected by the SVP Committee to select strategies, define goals and objectives, and to identify measures of success. PVI staff drafted key elements of the SVP Plan for TDH review and comment. We assisted TDH staff in negotiating corrective action plans with CDC, and we helped in finalizing the Plan.
    Ms. LaCanas Jordan
    Program Director
    Injury, Rape & Violence Prevention
    Tennessee Department of Health
    425 5th Avenue North
    Cordell Hull Building 6th Floor
    Nashville, TN 37243
  • TN Office of Criminal Justice Programs (June ’07 – July ’08): Online Grant Application and Management System. PVI converted its in-house system to one that TN OCJP could implement itself. PVI trained staff on its use. We also analyzed workloads of the OCJP monitoring unit to help leadership re-organize for program effectiveness. We also developed the operational procedures manual, and provided TA and training for OCJP staff. Under this large engagement we developed and delivered drug court program development and training, including systems training on using ACCESS databases for managing agency performance data. We helped OCJP develop Drug Task Force and Community Crime Prevention Program Abstracts. We facilitated OCJP staff planning retreats; conducted victim services surveys and analyses; developed written data collection guidelines and conducted regional training on reporting:
    Mr. William Scollon
    Deputy Director
    Office of Criminal Justice Programs
    Tennessee Department of Finance and Administration
    312 Rosa L. Parks Avenue, 12th Floor, Tennessee Tower
    Nashville, TN 37243
  • GA CJCC  Planning & Development for ’08 State Victim Assistance Academy. (May-Sep ’08): We facilitated curriculum development planning sessions, helped develop case studies, and prepared training curricula. We provided Technical Assistance and trained trainers, and provided support during the weeklong training academy. PVI was responsible for gathering outcome measures, for analyzing outcomes data, preparing data reports, offering recommendations, training CJCC staff on academy improvements, and editing system designs. We also supported the state’s Drug Task Forces as they converted to outcome measurement by training project coordinators.
  • TN OCJP (2006-2007): Performance Vistas staff provided TA and evaluation planning for the statewide drug court program. We conducted performance management reviews, and trained OCJP personnel on managing Perseus surveys and reporting systems. We managed the processes for outcome data collection and analysis, and provided training for OCJP staff as needed. We provided TA for Drug Task Force program planning, helped OCJP develop JAG Program Abstracts. PVI also implemented the state’s Online Grant Application and Management System.
  • GA CJCC (2006-2007): For the Georgia State Victim Assistance Training Academy PVI did curriculum development, Training Of Trainers, facilitated planning for the academy, provided TA and evaluation services for the project. PVI’s staff designed the state’s approach to Outcome Measurement by leading focus groups as they developed logic models and measures, developing curriculum materials and training sessions, measurement systems and reporting tools.
  • TN OCJP (2005-2006): PVI designed and implemented an automated grant applications system for OCJP staff. We developed JAG Program Abstracts with program logic models and outcome measures. We trained Drug Task Forces in collecting outcomes data. We also developed and delivered grantees’ fiscal training. We assisted as OCJP staff developed its annual STOP Implementation Plan for the federal OVW. We planned and delivered “logic model 101 training.” We facilitated planning sessions on program development on the effects of meth on children, on elder abuse, and on logical program design for Child Advocacy Centers (CAC)s.
  • GA CJCC (2005- 2006): PVI principals delivered presentations at the state Victim Services Conference, then supported the implementation of the first State Victims Assistance Academy (curriculum development, TOT, planning, facilitation, academy TA, evaluation). We facilitated program planning and outcomes measurement efforts for the state’s Victims’ Compensation program.
  • TN OCJP (2004-2005): PVI conducted a staffing analysis for OCJP, then planned and delivered staff development for OCJP’s grant managers for the Drug Court, VOCA, VAWA, Byrne/JAG programs.
  • GA CJCC (2004-2005): PVI provided the training of trainers and curriculum development (Participant Manual, Trainers’ Guides)for the state’s first SVAA Training Academy. We provided support/TA, course & academy evaluations meeting facilitation, project planning, curriculum planning, instructional design, instructional development, project coordination and evaluation.
  • GA CJCC (2003-2004): PVI provided the training of trainers and curriculum development (Participant Manual, Trainers’ Guides)for the state’s first SVAA Training Academy. We provided support/TA, course & academy evaluations meeting facilitation, project planning, curriculum planning, instructional design, instructional development, project coordination and evaluation
  • South Carolina Dept of Social Services (1998-2003): Bailey, Grimm and Grimm completed a multi-year engagement assisting the SC DSS to develop program performance indicators and reporting systems for each of its programs.  SC DSS provides human services, economic services, and Medicaid services to low income and at-risk populations in South Carolina.  For this engagement, PVI staff trained SC DSS management and supervisory staff in the concepts of performance management and evaluation using a logic model approach; facilitated the development of performance indicators (goals, objectives, outcomes, and outputs), as well as data collection methods for each of the indicators.  PVI staff also trained SC DSS program and evaluation staff on survey instrument design, data analysis and reporting. PVI also helped DSS factor the outcomes data into Strategic Plans and Accountability Reporting for the Governor’s Office, and assisted senior leaders in the use of performance data for planning and program direction-setting.
  • South Carolina Teen Pregnancy Prevention Project (2002-2003): In 2002, PVI facilitated the development of community-based teen pregnancy prevention projects in each of South Carolina’s 46 counties.  PVI developed a grant application workbook using a behavior-determinant-intervention (BDI) logic model approach. We trained department and community-based organization staff in the BDI logic model, and provided technical assistance and consultation to community-based organizations in developing teen pregnancy prevention programs that were modeled after “best practices.” Each program contained a performance management and evaluation system.  PVI developed a grant application workbook that detailed a project’s step-by-step approach to developing its own logic model design and evaluation strategy.  Almost 50 community organizations were funded as a result of the training, technical assistance, and consultation provided by PVI.
  • National Association of VOCA Assistance Administrators (June 03-July 04): VOCA Data Collection and Outcome Measures Project Number: 2003-VF-GX-1002. Performance Vistas served as a consulting partner with NAVAA, which conducted a study for the Justice Department’s Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) to revise OVC’s data collection system for state VOCA victim assistance grants, including the development of outcome indicators and measures. Bailey served as an advisor to the project team, which included NAVAA’s Steve Derene, Sharon Montagnino of Wyoming (project director), and a 12-person advisory committee of state and local VOCA administrators. We helped design the project, and Bailey delivered two presentations on performance measurement and victim outcomes in New Orleans in 2003. In August Bailey (with help from Terry Hewitt of Tennessee’s Office of Criminal Justice Programs, and Ashley Self, PVI’s database and reporting systems specialist) presented for three hours to victim services agency personnel on behalf of the National Organization for Victims of Crime (NOVA). In September Bailey, Hewitt and Self presented an abbreviated version of the August presentation to state VOCA administrators at the VOCA National Training Conference. Bailey and Self also supported the design and conduct of a national survey of state VOCA administrators to learn about their experiences with the VOCA reporting system, their own performance data management practices, and their recommendations for OVC’s data collection system. Bailey completed an analysis of 30 states’ approaches to measuring outcomes for NAVAA. The project convened an advisory group in Washington, D. C. in the spring of 2004 to form final recommendations, and Bailey will be there to facilitate as needed.

Mr. Steve Derene,

5702 Old Sauk Road
Madison, Wisconsin 53705
O: (608) 233-2245
F: (815) 301-8721

Executive Director National Association of VOCA Assistance Administrators

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49ers boss keeps Hayne’s NFL hopes aliveSAN Francisco 49ers coach Jim Tomsula has left open the possibility Kid Patrice Bergeron Jersey of promoting Authenitc White Patrice Bergeron Jersey Jarryd Hayne to play in this weekend’s clash with the Detroit Lions.Shaun Marsh dropped for Boxing Day TestSHAUN Marsh Kid Tuukka Rask Jersey has been dropped for tomorrow’s Boxing Day Test against the West Indies despite scoring a century in the previous Test Elite Gold Jeremy Lauzon Jersey in Elite White Chris Kelly Jersey Hobart.Windies ‘one good day’ from turning Authenitc Reilly Smith Jersey it aroundHIS side may have been handed an absolute flogging in Hobart, but Jason Holder remains confident the West Indies can turn things around against Australia.Pakistan duo refuse to train with AmirPAKISTAN ODI captain Azhar Ali and veteran opener Mohammad Hafeez have boycotted a training camp Elite White Jeremy Lauzon Jersey after Mohammad Amir was included.Wanderers extend unbeaten run to nine games21:23 PMCarly Adno THE Elite White Patrice Bergeron Jersey Wanderers will enjoy Christmas five points clear of the chasing pack after a 2 0 win over Newcastle Jets following goals from Alberto and Mark Bridge.Re live: Wanderers power past JetsTHE Western Elite Reilly Smith Jersey Sydney
Elite Reilly Smith Jersey />Since the introduction of Men Dougie Hamilton Jersey free fantasy football Elite Black Chris Kelly Authenitc Gold Chris Kelly Jersey Jersey over the Internet, millions have already taken advantage of this. One thing people like about fantasy football is that the participants are able to have a different kind of enjoyment than hanging out in a bar with friends can give. There Youth Dougie Hamilton Jersey is Elite Gold Reilly Smith Jersey just too many things that people can do in this kind of Kid Tuukka Rask Jersey sport. Even though luck plays a vital role here, still, you may want to consider Elite Black Chris Kelly Jersey fantasy football over just being a spectator of the real thing. The game involves a lot of dynamics. First is you Authenitc Gold Marc Savard Jersey can actually control your team. This is what most individuals love about fantasy sports. You have total Kid Tuukka Rask Jersey control of the players; those Elite Marc Savard Jersey whom you want to start and those who you want to sit through the game. In addition, you also have some time checking out your players statistics and some injury reports. Going through the competitor team stats is yet another thing you can do. This enables you to visualize and finalize who the players will be going up against
up. 5. 1978 Pittsburgh Steelers Youth Chris Authenitc White Glenn Elite Red Artem ASnisimov Jersey Hall Jersey Chelios Jersey The 1978 Pittsburgh Steelers season was the Men Joakim Nordstrom Jersey franchise’s 46th season in the National Football League (NFL). The season Elite Red Joakim Nordstrom Jersey concluded with the team winning Elite Black Denis Savard Jersey Super Bowl XIII to become the first franchise in Men Corey Crawford Jersey the NFL to win three Super Bowl titles. The Elite Black Elite White Bobby Hull Jersey Elite White Joakim Nordstrom Jersey Chris Chelios Jersey championship Men Brandon Saad Jersey run was led by Men Corey Crawford Jersey quarterback Terry Bradshaw and the team’s vaunted Steel Elite Red Corey Crawford Jersey Curtain defense. Bradshaw put together the best year of his career to that point, becoming only the second Steeler to win the NFL MVP award. Ten Steelers players were named to the Pro Bowl team, Men Denis Savard Jersey Elite Chris Chelios Jersey and four were judged as first team All Pros by the Elite White Bobby Hull Jersey AP. Head coach Chuck Authenitc Chris Chelios Jersey Noll returned for his tenth season moving him ahead of Walt Kiesling as the longest tenured head coach in the team’s history to that point. 2003 New England Patriots The 2003 New England Patriots season was the 34th season for the team in the Authenitc Black Bobby Hull Jersey National Football League Authenitc Red Bobby Hull Jersey and 44th season overall. They finished with a league best 14 2 record before advancing to and winning Super
and stockier than many on our list. Often called "Duby" or "Golden Wheels" by fans and teammates, Dubenion had several good seasons in his 9 years with the Authenitc Denis Savard Jersey Bills. For the era he amassed stellar career totals: 294 catches for 5294 yards at 18 yards a catch for 35 touchdowns, but his 1964 season, (Dubenion’s 5th in the league) with 42 receptions for 1,139, was by far his most outstanding. His career high 10 touchdown catches that year gave him an amazing 1 touchdown to 4.2 receptions ratio With exception of the 1964 season, Dubenion never averaged over 20 yards a catch again. After the 1964 campaign, he became more of a possession receiver, averaging between 14 15 yards a catch. Homer Jones: There are four players to have accomplished the feat of fewer than 50 catches for 1,000+ yards in a season on multiple occasions, only one of whom did so 3 times: Homer Jones. It is no wonder, then, that Jones ranks 1st in yards per catch among all receivers who have caught more than
The veteran Knights forward had an individual trial in front of 20 specialist coaches back in 2006 and was offered a base salary contract, worth more than half Authenitc Green Jason Spezza Jersey a million dollars at the time. "The offer Authenitc Premier White Jason Spezza Jersey Authenitc Neal Broten Jersey Green Alex Goligoski Jersey was conditional on me getting a release from the Dogs," Premier Jason Spezza Jersey Mason said. Authenitc Black Shawn Horcoff Jersey Authenitc Green Kari Lehtonen Jersey "They didn’t want me to be breaking a contract. "They put me through all these tests and I ticked all the boxes. Steve Folkes was big on Premier Black Tyler Seguin Jersey the NFL and he was happy for me to go. It was initially for one year and I’d have come back to the Dogs if it didn’t work out, but Malcolm Noad Men Jason Spezza Jersey and George Peponis wouldn’t give me a release." Tomorrow morning (Australian time), Mason will be one of many NRL stars glued to ESPN to watch the Super Bowl from here in New Orleans. The big guy has no doubts that other NRL Premier Black Erik Cole Jersey Authenitc Black Kari Lehtonen Jersey players would make it in the US, earning salaries Authenitc Shawn Horcoff Jersey up to 10 times what they Authenitc Black Shawn Horcoff Youth Erik Cole Jersey Jersey can get playing league in Australia. Premier White Shawn Horcoff Jersey He Men Shawn Horcoff Jersey says both Greg Inglis and Sonny Bill Williams would be outstanding NFL players. "They
cutoff date to avoid incentivizing suicides. The list of former players who have killed themselves and been diagnosed with CTE includes Hall of Fame center Mike Webster of Pittsburgh; Pro Bowler Junior Seau of San Diego; and Ray Easterling of Atlanta, Men Jason Spezza Jersey a named plaintiff in a 2011 concussion lawsuit before his death the following year. District Court Judge Anita B. Brody Authenitc Green Tyler Seguin Jersey steered the parties to mediation and approved the settlement in April, after persuading the NFL to remove a $765 million cap so the fund Premier White Bobby Smith Jersey doesn’t run out. The settlement also sets aside money for baseline testing, education and research. Some of Women Neal Broten Jersey the approximately 90 objectors complain that it compensates only a few neurological conditions, and not the depression and mood disorders they link to concussions and CTE. That led Circuit Judge Thomas M. Hardiman to ask if the settlement should be "watered down by every field goal kicker who’s depressed?" The lead plaintiff lawyers who negotiated with the NFL argue that

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entry package. The basic America’s Top 60 cost $31.99/month (some dealers offer $19.99 for the first three Cheap Yeezy Boost 350 Release months); while with extra channels added, America’s Top 60 Plus charges extra $5 at the time of writing. America’s Top 120 is Dish Network mid level programming package that will cost you $42.99 per month. It includes all of the America’s Top 60, along with additional of sports, movies, documentary, and kids channels. Cheap Yeezy 350 Boost Release Date If you are a big music TV fans, America’s Top 180 is Online Cheap Yeezy Shoes the Dish Network programming Cheap Yeezy $189 550 Boost package to go for. With $52.99/month, you get an extra of 15++ music channels in this package. America’s Everything Pak is for those TV maniacs that can’t live without TV entertainments. This package is the ultimate of the Dish Network that provides every TV channels available under the sun, premium movie channels are included here in this package: Showtime Unlimited, HBO The Works, Multimax from Cinemax, and Starz Encore Super Pak. You will get more than 2000 movies per month with America’s

in Narrows, Georgia. Cobb spent 22 seasons with the Detroit Tigers, the last six as the team’s Pat Tillman Jersey Shopping Store player manager, and finished Kurt Warner Jersey Paypal Online his career with the Philadelphia Athletics. Cobb is widely regarded as one of the best players of all time. In 1936, Cobb received the most votes of any player on the inaugural Baseball Hall of Fame ballot, receiving 222 out of a possible Authenitc NFL Jersey Online Store 226 votes. Cobb is widely credited with setting 90 Major League Baseball records during his career. He still holds several Replica Jersey Shopping Store records as of 2010, including the highest career batting average (.366 or .367, depending on source) and most career batting titles with 11 (or 12, Darnell Dockett Jersey Shopping Store depending on source). Authenitc Michael Floyd Jersey He retained many other records for almost a half century Wholesale Michael Floyd Jersey or more, including most career hits until 1985 (4,189 or 4,191, depending on source), most career runs (2,245 or 2,246 depending on source) until 2001, most career games played (3,035) and at bats (11,429 or 11,434 Replica Pat Tillman Jersey depending on source) until 1974, and the modern record for most career stolen
Why is it that
of an easy to use, affordable solution that provides them with the chance to create a professional presence online. The best way to reach this group, we felt, was to launch a commercial during premium, primetime spots across major networks (NBC, CBS, FOX) and cable channels. During these spots we can provide information at a time when viewers are more likely to be available and have free time to Adrian Wilson Replica Jersey Free Shipping Jersey Shopping Store put energy and attention towards thinking creatively about their business strategy, as opposed Replica NFL Jersey Online Store to during prime business hours. WHIR: What kind of audience are you able to reach with a television ad? Patrick Peterson Jersey Paypal Online Is this a demographic you not able to reach otherwise? LW: The television advertisement allows Cheap Larry Fitzgerald Jersey us to reach mainstream America. The 1 MyWebsite is a product fit for anyone, Cheap NFL Jersey For Sale but the small to medium sized Authenitc NBA Jersey Free Shipping business market is our target Cheap Larry Fitzgerald Jersey audience. Our commercial has been slotted to run in a wide Authenitc Pat Tillman Jersey variety of places from primetime programming to specialty channels including the History Channel and CNN, and professional
their new service in a crossing the chasm sort Patrick Peterson Jersey Paypal Online of way and they set out to transform their licenses into a real business by quickly introducing fairly bulky portable satellite radios and at least some enticing satellite radio programming. To attract new customers they struggled to offer adaptable hardware components that could be used in a variety of locations Michael Floyd Jersey Paypal Online home, work, and especially the car, where most radio listening still occurs. Working with electronics manufacturers like Sanyo, Panasonic, JVC and Kenwood they started developing new components. The results included portable satellite radios, receivers, and "plug and play" components for nearly every consumer application. Manufacturers built satellite radio receivers for cars, homes, offices, trucks, RVs, boats, and even airplanes. On the programming side, XM and SIRUS Cheap NBA Jersey Online starting signing wacky distribution deals for lots of millions of dollars all in the aim of putting together an assortment of niche programming channels that

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