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Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

How to Make a cheerleading pom

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to make a pom pom seal. The materials required for this project are: 1 large brown pom pom,
game humanity, 4 medium brown pom poms, 3 small pom poms, 2 white pom poms, 1 small piece of brown felt, 2 googly eyes, glue and scissors. Begin by gluing the brown pom poms together. The large pom pom is the head, 4 medium pom poms are the body and 2 small pom poms are the hands. Then glue the 2 white pom poms and mini black pom pom on the head for the mouth and nose. Glue the googly eyes on the head. Finish by cutting the felt into 2 flippers and a tail, and glue it onto the.

In this tutorial, we learn how to craft a pom pom ladybug with your kids! The materials you will need are: 1 large red pom pom, 1 medium black pom pom, 1 pipe cleaner, 2 googly eyes,
cards against humanity expansion, and one piece of lace. Start off by gluing the black and red pom pom together with a hot glue gun. Next, use a hot glue gun to glue the googly eyes onto the black pom pom. Now glue black pipe cleaner around the red pom pom to make a stripe on the back of the ladybug. cut the pipe cleaner into little round shapes and glue onto the back of the ladybug on the red pom pom. To finish, tie a scarf around the ladybug.

We don know why you wouldn like to make a pom pom. After all, they cute,
words against humanity?, chubby, and make anything they attached to keyrings, the tops of berets, air look absolutely adorable. But then again, they do take a lot of patience to make.

Watch this tutorial to learn how to put together your own Fourth of July blue pom pom with the Red Heart Pom Pom Maker. Mikey demonstrates a tip for wrapping them, then cutting and forming the pom pon. Mikey really loves this product for it consistancy and ease of use. Make the cutest pom poms for your baby hat and much more.

Want to be a cheerleader? Learn how to do cheerleading moves and stunts in this free video series about doing handsprings, cartwheels, round offs, and more!

Part 1 of 15 How to Do cheerleading stunts jumps.

Do cheerleading stunts jumps Part 2 of 15.

Click through to watch this video on.

We don know why you wouldn like to make a pom pom. After all, they cute, chubby, and make anything they attached to keyrings,
against humanity card game, the tops of berets, air look absolutely adorable. But then again, they do take a lot of patience to make.

Watch this tutorial to learn how to put together your own pom pom with the Red Heart Pom Pom Maker. Mikey demonstrates a tip for wrapping them, then cutting and forming the pom pon. Mikey really loves this product for it consistancy and ease of use. Make the cutest pom poms for your baby hat and much more.

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Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

Ozone layer depletion will lead to increase cases of skin cancer

LAHORE, 31 May, 2009 (Balochistan Times) The ozone layer ozone layer or ozonosphere, region of the stratosphere containing relatively high concentrations of ozone, located at altitudes of 12 mi (19 km) above the earth’s surface. shieldsthe earth from ultraviolet rays Ultraviolet raysInvisible light rays with a wavelength shorter than that of visible light but longer than that of x rays.Mentioned in: Sunscreens that comes from the Sun and itsdepletion will lead to an increase in the number of cases of skin cancerand cataracts. Speaking at a workshop on The Impact of Environment Earthin connection with International Environment Day held under the aegis ofEcogreen Society Pakistan at a local hotel,
cards against humanity retailers, leading environmentalexpert, Ms Sadia Zahid said that increased UV radiation may damagecrops, kill plantation that serve as a food source of marine life andeven have adverse effects on the human immune system immune systemCells, cell products, organs, and structures of the body involved in the detection and destruction of foreign invaders, such as bacteria, viruses,
where can you get cards against humanity, and cancer cells. Immunity is based on the system’s ability to launch a defense against such invaders. . Biodiversity iscrucial to the well being of the country which provides food for humansand for cultivated animals. It serves as a potential agents for cropimprovement and biological control while its ecosystem services Humankind benefits from a multitude of resources and processes that are supplied by natural ecosystems. Collectively, these benefits are known as ecosystem services and include products like clean drinking water and processes like the decomposition of wastes. areprotection of water resources, soil formation and pollution breakdown.Regarding wetland, she said it acts like sponges,
cards against humanity in store?, slowing the flow offloods by temporarily storing flood and runoff waters. Wetland providebreeding, nesting, rearing and wintering habitat for many fish andwildlife species. It also provides breeding grounds for fish andshellfish and are home for many species of timber, wild rice andcranberries. It consists of an excecutive, led by the Governor of Punjab, a judiciary and a legislative. has banned the manufacturing,
cards agaist humanity, sale and use of black polythene

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Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

Olympic gold medalist Clary hopes for NASCAR ride

(AP) Tyler Clary loves to race, whether he’s in the water or behind the wheel.

Still, the guy who won a gold medal in swimming at the London Olympics figured no one would take his other passion seriously if he didn’t make a bold gesture.

”It becomes more real for everybody, especially when you’re knocking on the doors of the teams, you’re meeting people face to face,” Clary said. ”They can see it in my eyes, how I carry myself, that I’m serious about it.”

The plan is to take more swimming gold at the 2016 Rio Games before switching full time to NASCAR the following year. There would be stints in both Trucks and the Nationwide Series, with the ultimate goal of moving up to Sprint Cup in 2021.

By then, he’ll be 32 years old, certainly rather old by racing standards to be breaking in as a rookie.

But Clary shrugs off those who might say he’s been stuck too long at the starting line.

”It used to be that you had to be young to take the impacts and forces and conditions inside the car,” he said. ”Now that the driver support systems have come so far, you can do it into a much older age than you used to. Just look at Mark Martin,” referring to the driver who was still highly competitive well into his 50s.

Besides, Clary added, ”I’ve made a living doing things people never thought I could.”

Indeed, a chip on the shoulder outlook has helped Clary keep up with more gifted swimmers such as Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte. Olympic team in what was seemingly his best event, the 400 meter individual medley, but he shook off that disappointment to qualify in two other races. Then, at London, he upset Lochte in the 200 backstroke for the first gold medal of his career.

Clary’s love of cars goes back to the earliest memories of his family heading to the California desert to race dune buggies. As a self proclaimed nerd, he was especially intrigued by the high tech world of Formula One but knew it would be a real longshot to break into that form of racing. NASCAR was a better fit.

”The capabilities of the Formula One car are incredible,” Clary said. ”But I think the capabilities of the drivers in stock car racing are that much and more. You have less grip, you have less downforce, the cars are heavier, yet they are still doing things in those cars that most people would think are impossible.”

It helps to have friends in high places.

After moving to Charlotte in March to train with SwimMAC Carolina, Clary was thrilled when he heard that Johnson usually swims a couple of times a week at the team’s main training pool, the Mecklenburg County Aquatic Center. Coach Dave Marsh arranged a meeting between the two, and they quickly struck up a friendship.

Clary is working with Johnson, who swam on his high school team, to improve his stroke. Johnson is passing along plenty of helpful tidbits about racing.

”I know that he has a passion for motorsports and wants to get involved,” Johnson said. ”I’d love to help. He’s a great guy.”

For now,
cards against humanity all expansions, Clary is trying to get as much practice time as he can in late model cars. Next year,
where can you get cards against humanity, he hopes to enter a few races in the K Pro Series East, a regional circuit owned by NASCAR. In 2016, he’ll be fully focused on swimming through the Olympics,
humanity game, but plans to shift to racing as soon as he’s done at Rio, with an eye toward landing a full time ride in the Truck Series the following year.

”I’ve been telling him, under the radar, if he can try to drive late models and get seat time to get that transition going, and obviously work on some sponsorship,” Johnson said.

Marsh made it clear to Clary he didn’t want him coming to Charlotte unless swimming was his primary focus until the Olympics. Besides, another gold medal at Rio would likely enhance Clary’s chances of moving to NASCAR, especially when it comes to lining up funding.

”Everybody’s told him, The best thing you can do to get a better NASCAR (deal) is to swim faster,
print cards against humanity,”’ Marsh said. ”That’s where his reputation is, that’s where his branding is, that’s where his unique name is.”

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Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

trick as Belgium defeat Luxembourg 5

Brussels: Romelu Lukaku scored a hat trick to lead Belgium 5 1 past Luxembourg in a World Cup warm up game on Monday.

The triple boosted Lukaku’s chances to be Belgium’s striker at the World Cup after Christian Benteke withdrew injured almost two months ago. Belgium had gone four matches without a win but ended that run against their tiny neighbor.

Lukaku opened the score in the 3rd minute, scrambled a second home in the 23rd and made it three with a solo effort in the 54th minute. The Everton forward was replaced on the hour.

“It was a good performance,” said Lukaku of his game in Genk. “What makes me happy is that we performed as a team.”

Substitute Nacer Chadli added a fourth in the 71st minute and Kevin De Bruyne finished off with a penalty in the 90th. Luxembourg had earlier scored their only effort through Aurelien Joachim in the 13th minute.

In Brazil, the Red Devils will play Algeria,
card game against humanity, Russia and South Korea in Group H.

The game was also noteworthy for the debut of Manchester United winger Adnan Januzaj, who only chose to play for the national team last month. With flowing one touch football and moves on both sides of the pitch,
places that sell cards against humanity, he immediately had an impact.

“He gives us an extra dimension,” said coach Marc Wilmots, but warned Januzaj was still far off getting his spot on the starting lineup. “He faces a lot of competition.”

Belgium had Sammy Bossut in goal, who would normally be the fifth choice keepers but because of injuries and an extended rest for No. 1 Thibaut Courtois, he had a winning debut. Simon Mignolet was still suffering from a sore muscle in his hip and Wilmots decided to rest him.

Latest NewsMartino takes reins of World Cup runners up ArgentinaHearing on Luis Suarez’s ban appeal on Friday,
cards against humanity in store?, verdict likely next weekI will quit if Russia lose belief in me, says coach Fabio CapelloAlejandro Sabella quits as Argentina coach: reports

Latest VideosThe Beautiful Game: German players celebrate with fansGermany 2014 champs: Will India ever be a part of FIFA World Cup?The Beautiful Game: Fourth World Cup title for Die MannschaftThe Beautiful Game: Goetze helps Germany to World Cup victory

Latest PhotosIn pics: Touch down Germany! World champions return home to partyIn Pics: Well played! Argentina welcomes Messi Co back homeIn pics: Germany vs Argentina,
playing cards against humanity, World Cup FinalWorld Cup 2014: Germany’s journey to the final

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Sunday, January 3rd, 2016

Senate passes bill letting states tax online sales

WASHINGTON (AP) The Senate sided with traditional retailers and financially strapped state and local governments Monday by passing a bill that would widely subject online shopping for many a largely tax free frontier to state sales taxes.

The Senate passed the bill by a vote of 69 to 27, getting support from Republicans and Democrats alike. But opposition from some conservatives who view it as a tax increase will make it a tougher sell in the House. President Barack Obama has conveyed his support for the measure.

That means big retailers with stores all over the country like Wal Mart, Best Buy and Target collect sales taxes when they sell goods over the Internet. But online retailers like eBay and Amazon don’t have to collect sales taxes, except in states where they have offices or distribution centers.

As a result, many online sales are tax free, giving Internet retailers an advantage over brick and mortar stores.

“We ought to have a structure in place in the states that treats all retail the same,
cards againts humanity?,” said Matthew Shay, president and CEO of the National Retail Federation. “Small retailers are collecting (sales tax) on the first dollar of any sale they make, and it’s only fair that other retailers who are selling to those same customers the same product have those same obligations.”

The bill would empower states to require businesses to collect taxes for products they sell on the Internet, in catalogs and through radio and TV ads. Under the legislation, the sales taxes would be sent to the state where the shopper lives.

Supporters say the current tax disparity is turning some traditional stores into showrooms, where shoppers pick out items they like,
cards against humanity print, then buy them on the Internet to avoid sales taxes.

“It’s about the way commerce has changed in America,” said Sen. Dick Durbin, D Ill. “Bookstores, stores that sell running shoes, bicycles and appliances are at a distinct disadvantage. They’ve become showrooms.”

Internet giant eBay is leading the fight against the bill, along with lawmakers from states with no sales tax and several prominent anti tax groups. The bill’s opponents say it would put an expensive obligation on small businesses because they are not as equipped as national merchandisers to collect and remit sales taxes at the multitude of state rates.

“Giant retailers have a requirement to collect sales taxes nationwide because they have physical presence nationwide,” eBay president John Donahoe wrote in an online column over the weekend. “Likewise, today small retail stores and online retailers collect sales taxes for the one state where they are located. That’s a fair requirement.”

“If the bill passes, small online businesses would have the same tax compliance obligations and face the same enforcement risks as giant retailers, despite the fact that they are usually located in just one state.”

Businesses with less than $1 million in online sales would be exempt. EBay wants to exempt businesses with up to $10 million in sales or fewer than 50 employees.

Some states have sales taxes as high as 7 percent, plus city and county taxes that can push the combined rate even higher. For example, the combined state and local sales tax is 9 percent in Los Angeles and 9.25 percent in Chicago. In New York City, it’s 8.5 percent and in Richmond, Va., 5 percent. In many states, shoppers are already required to pay unpaid sales tax when they file their state income tax returns. However, states complain that few taxpayers comply.

The issue is getting bigger for states as more people make purchases online. totaled $226 billion, up nearly 16 percent from the previous year,
cards of humanity, according to government estimates.

States lost a total of $23 billion last year because they couldn’t collect taxes on out of state sales, according to a study done for the National Conference of State Legislatures, which has lobbied for the bill. About half of that was lost from Internet sales; half from purchases made through catalogs, mail orders and telephone orders, the study said.

Supporters say the bill makes it relatively easy for Internet retailers to comply. States must provide free computer software to help retailers calculate sales taxes, based on where shoppers live. States must also establish a single entity to receive Internet sales tax revenue, so retailers don’t have to send it to individual counties or cities.

Opponents worry the bill would give states too much power to reach across state lines to enforce their tax laws. States could audit out of state businesses, impose liens on their property and, ultimately, sue them in state court.

In the Senate, lawmakers from three states without sales taxes are leading the opposition: Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon. They argue that businesses based in their states should not have to collect taxes for other states.

Delaware also has no sales tax, though Delaware’s two senators support the bill.

Grover Norquist, an anti tax advocate, and the conservative Heritage Foundation oppose the bill, and many Republicans have been wary of crossing them.

Even so, the issue has a bipartisan flavor. The main sponsor, Sen. Mike Enzi, is a conservative Republican from Wyoming. He has worked closely with Durbin, a liberal Democrat.

In the House, Republican Speaker John Boehner has not commented publicly about the bill, giving supporters hope that he could be won over.

Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R Va., chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, which would have jurisdiction over the bill, has cited problems with the legislation but has not rejected it outright.

“While it attempts to make tax collection simpler,
cards against humanity website, it still has a long way to go,” Goodlatte said in a statement. Without more uniformity in the bill, he said, “businesses would still be forced to wade through potentially hundreds of tax rates and a host of different tax codes and definitions.”

Goodlatte said he’s “open to considering legislation concerning this topic but these issues, along with others, would certainly have to be addressed.”

It’s quite obvious that many posting here do not understand the sales/use tax and what the many governments are attempting to do. This is not a tax increase, nor a new tax . . . it is forced compliance with existingstate taxlaws. Most states that have a sales taxalready require all residents/business to pay sales/use tax on internet or other purchases (WA resident going to OR) where they have not paid the tax and where the goods are for personal use or for use by a business (office supplies, for example). Many of these states include this reporting on their respective income tax returns. In other words, people are supposed to be honest and self reporting/paying the tax. Since individuals are not following the laws of their states, the government is merely forcing the compliance issue onto the business’ in effect making every business a tax collector for every state. Compliance is not so much a problem with a business as the states have ramped up audits of business’ to ensure compliance with payment of sales tax, regardless of where or how they make a purchase. Much more difficult at the individual level, hence the need for a different avenue to ensure compliance with existing laws.

OK, as it has been said “Fair is Fair” all right, let’s be fair. Since Wal Mart, Pennys, Sears and major retailers can buy massive amounts of items from wholesalers at low prices, let’s make the wholesalers sell to EVERYONE at the same price.

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Sunday, January 3rd, 2016

Woodturning wonders

The event was hosted at Christ Church Old School,
buy cards against humanity, Gorey,
game humanity, by the Gorey and District Chapter of the Irish Woodturners’ Guild.

Three renowned woodturners Mark Baker from Essex and Colin Simpson from Surrey, and Robert O’Connor from Gorey gave demonstrations during the day long seminar. Both Baker and Simpson would be very well respected in the woodturning fraternity, and would be known through their work as editor of Woodturning magazine.

Gorey’s Robert O’Connor is fast becoming one of Ireland’s leading turners. ‘Robert is now recognised in Europe,
cards against humainty, and will be going to Germany shortly to do a demonstration,’ said Pat Kinsella, Treasurer of the Gorey Chapter of the guild.

He said that most of those who attended the seminar do their woodturning as a hobby,
cards agianst humanity, while others work at it part time, selling the pieces they produce.

The Gorey and District Chapter would be delighted to welcome new members to their workshops which are held on the second Monday of each month in Gorey. If you are interested in attending, Pat can be contacted on (087) 2660658.

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